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Why is It We Can’t Recognize Our Country Anymore?

This was not supposed to happen. At this point, we should not have to worry about the future of our nation. We have had 244 years to work out the kinks of this beautiful experiment. Where have we failed?

We have certainly been tested. We have faced previous insurrections, a civil war, riots, foreign terrorist attacks on our own soil, and presidential assassinations. Each time, we have rebounded, stronger than before. Why must we now fear attacks from our own citizens?

I loved my American History classes in school. I memorized the presidents, each of whom, even the “failed” ones, held a special place in my heart. Most were faded black and white images in the school encyclopedia set. What a thrill it was to finally see a color photograph of a president (Harry S Truman), followed by Ike, JFK, and the rest.

My teachers shared the lessons that still live with me today. America, unlike so many other nations, got it right. We held fair and free elections. No dictator could take control of our government. Other nations had been overtaken by evil forces who controlled the lives of their citizens, but not us.

I could grow up to be an astronaut, an architect, or the shortstop for the Kansas City Royals. It was entirely up to me. Those career options didn’t work out, but I ended up doing what I loved, with no government control or influence. It was my own American dream come true.

At an early age, my family visited Washington D.C. Much like those presidents, the black and white images I had seen on TV blossomed into full color. The White House, the monuments, and the Capitol, in all their majestic splendor. It made a huge impression on a seven-year-old.

I took my son on the same trip when he was 11. He too was a history buff, and fell in love with the city. U.S. Rep. Sam Graves of Missouri, who can tell you the history of each square foot of the building, was the ideal tour guide. My son vowed that he would live and work there some day.

He, too, got sidetracked by collegiate soccer and his innate love for computers, and now owns his own business, being the only repair and tech support company in the world for the Panasonic Toughbook. Nonetheless, he is still in awe of our government, as am I.

Or at least, we are in awe of what our government should be. A Fascist overtone has  permeated our government since January 20, making it difficult to recognize our democratic republic.

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Ronald Reagan posed a devastating question in his debate with incumbent President Jimmy Carter during the 1980 election.

In his closing statement, Reagan asked, “Are you better off than you were four years ago?”

We weren’t, and millions of Americans recognized that fact. Reagan won the election.

Today, in what I believe are much more desperate times, we ought to be posing a different question for ourselves as we try to sort out where we are, where we’ve been and especially where we’re going:

“Do you recognize our country anymore?”

We’re engulfed in such a maelstrom of craziness that it’s hard to remember what it was like when Reagan and Carter — or the Bushes, Clinton or Obama, for that matter — were president.

We don’t recognize your country because it’s not the same country. What you’re seeing is the third-world hellhole the Fascist Left has been quietly assembling for us since 1970.

Case in point: Minnesota, the crucible of the riots over the last year, has gone from having 2.6 percent foreign-born in 1990 to nearly 10 percent foreign-born today — and that’s not including their children or illegals.

Instead of liberal but non-rioting Scandinavians and Germans, the new immigrants are overwhelmingly African, Asian and Hispanic. In fact, Minnesota now has a much larger proportion of Asian and African immigrants than the nation as a whole.

Although the state has always leaned Democratic, thanks to its German and Scandinavian immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Our Norsemen elected Walter Mondale. But far more recent immigrants elected Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Hey, Republicans! Tell me again that immigration is just a “single issue.”

America’s first encounter with anarchist mobs trying to wreck our country came with the last wave of immigrants at the turn of the 20th century. Back then, most Americans liked America. So we had no trouble cracking down on the people who would destroy us. Seven of the eight anarchists behind the Haymarket riot in 1886 were sentenced to death. Two of those sentences were commuted to life in prison by the governor, one to 15 years in prison.

A few decades later, Minnesota Attorney General Mitchell Palmer put an end to the nonsense by arresting and deporting more than 500 leftist immigrants.

For the next century, these Leftist meddlers ― whether Fascist or Communist ― were out in the cold. It’s not in the Anglo-Saxon character either to give or take orders. The anarchists agitating wasted their energy on us, particularly as World War II raged on. Even the most hard-luck Americans had no patience with Fascists or Communists.

America was unusual that way. Everywhere else in the world, the backbone of the Fascists and of the Communist Party — at least at first — is the working class. But to its eternal embarrassment, the American left was bereft of working-class members. Luckily for them, our post-1965 immigration policies gave them a major infusion of the third world’s working class.

Fascist, Communist and anarchist groups are still — as always — top-heavy with recent immigrants, college and university professors, radical women’s rights activists and fatherless illegal aliens. It used to be that voters were repelled by these types.

Not anymore. California went from being the state that gave us Ronald Reagan, who rose to national prominence by smashing the Berkeley riots, and Richard Nixon, the president during Kent State. Now we have the state of Gov. Gavin Newsom, who has celebrated Black Lives Matter mural on the mall outside the state capitol, and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who took a knee at a BLM protest.

How did that devolution happen?

Answer: Immigration. When Reagan was elected governor of California, the state was 77 percent white. Today, whites are a minority at 37 percent. That’s not racist, that’s just fact.

You wonder why Democrats are always crowing about how African-Americans and Hispanics are voting for them? They are beginning to see that tide turn, as Hispanics are moving toward the conservative side of American politics. But up until six or so years ago, only white voters would ever consider giving a majority of their votes to a Republican.

Yes, Newsom and Garcetti are white Americans — and they’re very sorry about that. But who elected them? The same ethnic groups that elected Hugo Chavez and Evita Peron, who fought for Mao and who wept fake bitter tears over Kim Jong Il’s death.

They’re the same ethnic groups that elected Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey (D) and New York City Mayor Bill Di Blasio (D) — mostly Asians and Hispanics brought in since the 1970s for the purpose of voting for Democrats ― who were also cleaning the homes and doing computer programming for Leftists at far less pay than U.S. citizens.

Di Blasio, who distinguished himself during the riots, won 96 percent of the black vote, 87 percent of the Hispanic vote, 70 percent of the Asian vote and only 54 percent of the white vote.

Tell me immigration is a “single issue,” again, Republicans.

Becoming more third world is going to mean a lot more protests. Oh, sure, Biden’s puppet masters have had him announce over the weekend that Haitians are being sent home from the International Bridge at Del Rio, Texas. That’s only because they know the Haitians would vote Republican.

But the rest of the illegals at the Southern border are being processed for entry to the U.S.; the U.S. Fascists and Communists are certain most of them will vote Democrat and they have every intention of making sure they get the opportunity. It’s how third-worlders express themselves — along with Molotov cocktails, as New York City police found out in July.

When Congress proposed cracking down on illegal immigration in 2006, half a million illegals lined the streets of L.A. to protest. During the L.A. riots after the Rodney King verdict, more than half of those arrested were Hispanic.

We don’t have the figures for the current, ongoing nationwide riots. Rest assured, although you don’t hear about them, they are ongoing in places like Portland, Seattle, and elsewhere. Just so, a Loyola-Marymount professor recently gushed to The New York Times that, compared to the Rodney King riots, these have been “truly multicultural.”

If we ever find out, I’ll lay even odds that a lot of the looters standing by with empty suitcases outside the luxury stores were our immigrant fraudsters, otherwise employed stealing billions of dollars from Medicare, Social Security, and food stamp programs.

Conservatives think they’re clever to point out that all of the cities being turned into war zones are run by Democrats. Yes, that’s true. But on the other hand, your country is burning. What are you doing about it? Might you want to give 10 seconds of thought to how to prevent even more cities and states from falling under these pernicious leaders?

No, no, immigration is just a “single issue!” Let’s get back to the vaccine mandates! How about another pro-life march? Whither Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan? We need school choice now! Why do you carry on so about the wall? Immigration is just “one issue.”

Yes, it’s the one issue that is going to make you lose every other issue, forever, unless you wake the hell up and take action. Otherwise, the rest of us are going to have to do it for you.

Mike Nichols is a conservative, a patriot, U.S. Army veteran, licensed professional counselor, political enthusiast, sports fan and writer living with his beautiful wife Liz in the Heartland. He has a regular blog at America’s Conservative Voice on Substack and a Facebook presence at Americas Conservative Voice-Facebook.