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A Terrific Candace Owens Quote on the Chinese Flu Lockdown

The Candace Owens Quote on the Lockdowns:

“This is your daily reminder that we shut down America, impoverished millions, forced businesses to fail and homeowners to foreclose, over a virus that has a 99.96% survival rate. And the Democrats are demanding we continue the lockdowns for everyone but their protesters.” -Candace Owens Quote on the Chinese Flu Lockdowns

My Take

I think that this Candace Owens quote makes a number of excellent points about the awful, tyrannical nature of the Chinese Flu lockdowns.

For one, as she says, we are dealing with a system of government actions that have destroyed our nation’s economy, impoverished thousands upon thousands of small business owners, and ruined the lives of millions of workers. Not to mention the damage it did to many people’s portfolios in March and April, when they had to sell their shares at depressed prices to pay for basic necessities.

And not only did those ridiculous shutdowns and lockdowns happen back in March when we knew little about the disease, but they have continued until today! We now know that the virus poses almost no threat to young Americans, little of a threat to middle-aged Americans, and is only actually dangerous for older Americans that get it and have to be hospitalized. Most people that have it do not even know!

That is absurd. Yes, some people have died from this. But no more than die due to the common flu. Italy, for example, had a flu season a few years ago that killed the equivalent of 250,000 Americans. And we heard not a word. But now this is happening during an election season, so it is, of course, a major crisis that is tearing America apart and causing a horrendous amount of damage.

And what have we gained? Absolutely nothing. Perhaps we saved a few lives that might otherwise have died from the disease. But, as identified in this Candace Owens quote, there have been dramatic costs we have had to pay. I think the deaths from despair and depression due to business closures and shutdowns will be far worse and more numerous than whatever lives have been saved.

Additionally, something that was not identified in this Candace Owens quote but is important is the increase in the national debt due to the Chinese flu lockdowns. America was already taking on far too much debt. Now we are struggling even more. And for what, a bit of temporary safety?

Americans need to wake up. The Chinese flu is not that dangerous. But the response to it, which is described well in this Candace Owens quote, is a huge problem. It shows that Americans now care about safety more than liberty. And it has ruined millions of American lives. We need to end the lockdowns now!

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By: Gen Z Conservative