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The Cancel Culture Red Guard

The “Warriors” of the New Left: The Cancel Culture Red Guard

We’ve all met the type of person that came to mind when you read the headline mentioning the cancel culture Red Guard. The insouciant, unkempt person with a nihilistic worldview. The type that might be a lowlife street fighter for Antifa or a BLM revolutionary if they had a bit more courage.

They generally contribute nothing of value to society, yet see themselves as being the ultimate arbiters of how their fellows should behave. Watching over their coworkers, acquaintances, or even random people like a keen-eyed osprey circles over a meandering river in hopes of snatching an unsuspecting trout, these sloppily clad but dangerous birds of prey, the members of the cancel culture Red Guard, circle society, waiting to strike and destroy.

They never contribute much to society. Working, unless in HR or a similarly useless job, isn’t their forte. Nor do they ever seem to do much outside of work. They’re not writing a novel, running a marathon, or building a business. Instead, they just keep circling, hovering over society and waiting to dive down and carry off their prey into the gloomy world of the canceled.

And when opportunity knocks, they always answer and strike their prey without mercy. Perhaps a drunken coworker made an uncouth remark at a party that hinted at some underlying misogynic or racist beliefs. Maybe a random person at the same coffee shop isn’t wearing a mask or is having a less than guarded conversation with a friend. Or a casual acquaintance of theirs posted something embarrassing on Facebook many years ago. It could even be something as simple as them knowing (usually after spending hours searching for) the identity of a person who attended a recent Trump rally or them figuring out that a certain company donates to a charity that supports <gasp> Christian values.

The opportunity doesn’t matter to the members of the cancel culture Red Guard. When they see an opportunity to ruin the life of someone around them, they strike with all possible haste. They screen record a video, screenshot a social media post, or record a furtive video of someone doing something wrong. That’s if they even bother to gather evidence; in most cases, they, like Mao’s thuggish Red Guard members before them, don’t. Then, they make their accusation and do their best to utterly destroy the target of the moment, riling up a mob of hateful and vengeful enemies of free speech online.

Those masters of the universe don’t bother their feeble minds with worries over what they’re doing or the consequences to the accused. They just make an accusation, send someone’s life or career into a needless tailspin, and then return to their predatory hover, searching for yet another unsuspecting victim.

The vast network of people I’m describing, of course, are the members of the cancel culture Red Guard; the true successors to the brutal socialist Gestapos that preceded them and the progenitors of whatever the next version of such obvious wastes of carbon decide to call themselves.

Those people are the biggest problem America faces. Cancel culture is ripping our society apart at the seams. In the past, Americans, members of a glorious society that respected free speech, would say what they thought to be true and faced few, if any, repercussions for doing so. And if they felt that someone had slighted them or said something untrue, they would openly challenge them. Fist fights and other manly ways of settling disputes face to face were the rule rather than the exception.

Then, with the 1960s and the rise of the new left, that culture faded away into the dim recesses of memories of halcyon days. Our once-cherished culture of free speech faded away and a new culture, cancel culture, appeared. With it came the cancel culture Red Guard.

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It was a slow process. First, the Civil Rights movement made racism the ultimate crime and, more importantly to this article, the counter-culture movement that rose to prominence with it turned accusations of racism or wrongthink on racial issues into silver bullets for taking out the few that dared stand up to the tides of change. While the Civil Rights movement itself was undoubtedly a good thing, the pernicious way of dealing with enemies that it spawned was anything but.

The cancel culture Red Guard wasn’t quite a force to be reckoned with, but it could be seen forming dark clouds on the horizon. Race-baiting charlatans like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton began to test the water and find out just how powerful baseless accusations could be.

Then came political correctness, an idea that Charleton Heston called “tyranny with manners.” Suddenly, secretaries were executive assistants, climate change was a certainty rather than a possibility, accusations of racism were (somehow) even more dangerous, and free speech disappeared at an even faster clip. The cancel culture Red Guard hadn’t quite come into its own, but figures of note began to fear that their past (mostly harmless) indiscretions might now cost them dearly.

Finally, Obama was elected. He started off as a potential source of hope and reconciliation but, when faced with the rise of the Tea Party and the neutering of his legislative power, quickly turned to the same tactics as his predecessors. Any time he was challenged, he responded not with facts or refutative evidence, but with an accusation that his political enemy of the moment must be that most wretched and hated of creatures- a racist or sexist.

His acolytes took up those tactics with aplomb and the cancel culture Red Guard as we now know it was born. In public forums everywhere from the cloistered quads of universities to the sacred halls of Congress, conservatives were attacked not with passages from Das Kapital or the words of Lenin, Rosseau, FDR, or any other progressive hero, but instead with biting, vicious accusations of wrongthink. Accusations that they said the wrong thing at some point in the near-forgotten past, claims they acted inappropriately at a party that might or might not have happened, or rumblings that they might be a “fascist,” a “racist,” or a “misogynist.”

The veracity of those claims became less important than the claims themselves. The cancel culture Red Guard, which held society by its…agendered body parts, could ruin lives without ever providing a shred of evidence. The woke mob, hell-bent on wrecking any obstacle to its vague goal of utopia, threw out insults and accusations with reckless abandon.

Was it stopped? Was enough finally enough for the oft-accused? Nope. The Chamberlains of the GOP gave in. They surrendered and let the inmates take over the asylum. Now, the problem of the cancel culture Red Guard is more pressing than ever because, despite the best efforts of Trump and a few other Teflon men, its influence is greater than ever. Kendi, Coates, and the other intellectual progeny of Jesse Jackson run businesses by forcing them to submit to radical narratives. Universities are in the odious grasp of totalitarian and near-insane leftist administrators and students. Even minimum wage workers are at risk of being canceled by inexplicably vengeful members of the cancel culture Red Guard.

The result of the cancel culture Red Guard’s influence has been a societal breakdown. Dissenting views are rarely aired because of the oppressive, Stalinistic atmosphere of modern American society, our greatest corporations are being run into the ground by loony leftists, and Americans view each other with the suspicion of fellow inmates in a wind-swept and barren gulag rather than the graceful, pleasant air of virtuous members of a distinguished and prosperous republic.

Those are the wages of societal degradation. We’re lectured to and preached at by angry and bitter people who want to watch the world burn in the hope it will rise again as a Marxist phoenix. The members of the cancel culture Red Guard are as delusional as they are powerful. Thanks to the political correctness theocracy that they have established, self-censorship is the norm rather than the exception. The fact that near 10% of the voting population was unwilling to admit to anonymous pollsters that it was going to vote for Trump is one of the most obvious examples of that permeating fear and constant worry.

In case you aren’t convinced that the cancel culture Red Guard is the modern heir of Mao’s Red Guard, just read these stories and see if the differences between them are really that great:

From Cultural Revolution-Era China:

“In order to regain control over the party and reassert a revolutionary spirit within the nation, Mao mobilized an arguably underutilized resource – students and young adults. These individuals formed themselves into grassroots revolutionary organizations that referred to themselves as the Red Guard….The violence inflicted by the Red Guard was initially intended to humiliate individuals who they perceived as embodying the old ways and thus enemies of the revolution. Individuals were often publicly beaten and shamed, whilst being forced to wear placards or “dunce hats” with their alleged crimes written on them….

It was not uncommon for roving bands of revolutionary Red Guards to single out and extract vengeance upon individuals or groups with whom they had a long-standing personal vendetta. It seems that personal motivations were inherently linked in with the political when it comes to acts of violence in revolutionary China.

[In the words of one survivor] “My father was labeled a ‘history counterrevolutionary’ and was required to have that title pinned to his clothes on a card at all times, in public and at home. The criticizing meetings were organized by a Cultural Revolution Leading Committee, a special governing agency of the Communist Party. During the meetings, my father had to kneel for over three hours while people berated him loudly and violently. People shouted over and over: “Beat down Liu Shibao! Beat down Liu Shibao!” Some people made up false stories about my father, making people hate him. Some people became very riled-up and out of control that they would spit at him and beat him.’”

From: here

From Cancel Culture Red Guard Dominated America:

“An African American school security guard…was fired for using the N-word in the course of telling a student not to direct that word at him… a teacher…was fired for inadvertently failing to address a student by his self-identified gender pronoun.”

From: Forbes

“Mr. Galligan, who had waited until Ms. Groves had chosen a college, had publicly posted the video [of her using a certain verboten word while singing a rap song] that afternoon. Within hours, it had been shared to Snapchat, TikTok and Twitter, where furious calls mounted for the University of Tennessee to revoke its admission offer…the consequences were swift. Over the next two days, Ms. Groves was removed from the university’s cheer team. She then withdrew from the school under pressure from admissions officials, who told her they had received hundreds of emails and phone calls from outraged alumni, students and the public.”

From: Townhall

Are the stories really that different? Is there any discernable difference between the cancel culture Red Guard and the Chinese Red Guard other than that physical violence is not as prevalent (yet) in the US as it was in China?

The cancel culture Red Guard needs to be stopped. It’s destroying America.

By: Gen Z Conservative