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Watch: Canadian Lawmakers Start Ridiculing, Laughing at Trudeau

Right now, truckers sit in the cabs of their trucks shivering in Canada, standing up to a tyrannical government and fighting the good fight in what they see as a battle for sacred liberty against a dastardly tyrant.

Against all odds, they’re still there. The police tried taking their gas to freeze them out; that didn’t work. GoFundMe tried stealing their resources; that didn’t work. Now, Trudeau is working with banks (quite the little corporatist) to freeze the protesters out of the financial system, starving them out by stealing their money.

All because they dared protest his policies in an effective way. Did he do so when BLM rampaged, when Canadian churches went up in flames, or when leftists started attacking Canada’s history? Nope. Those protests, anti-Canadian as they were, were allowed by the tyrant Trudeau.

But truckers daring to stand up to him, well they’re threats to his rule that he’s bringing out the big guns to take care of.

Still, appearances are appearances, so Trudeau tried giving a speech to Parliament about “responsible leadership.” It didn’t go well:

As you can hear in the video, the tense situation began when Conservative Party interim Leader Candice Bergen confronted him over his use of Hitlerian “Emergency Powers,” saying:

The Prime Minister invoked the Emergencies Act and 24 hours in, there are more questions than answers. Questions about whether this is justified, questions around if the criteria is met, questions around what this means to Canadians’ rights and freedoms.

Parliamentary approval is required in order for the prime minister to use this unprecedented sledgehammer. So can the prime minister tell us when will parliament be debating this? Will it be coming to us on Friday? And does he expect that we will look at it Friday, but then rise, take a week off, and not actually deal with this until March?

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As if a tyrant willing to starve his own citizens by stealing their money would care at all about “Parliamentary approval.”

Trudeau decided to respond, standing up and saying “Mr. Speaker, after discussions with cabinet and caucus, after consultations with the premiers of all provinces and territories-“

At that point he was cut off by a chorus of groans and complaints from Parliament, with loud shouting starting to drown him out as he said “After, uh, conversation with opposition leaders, we decided to invoke, uh, the emergencies act…to supplement provincial and territorial capacity to address the blockades and occupations.

It was then that he was completely drowned out by the booing, heckling, and shouting, with Speaker of the House of Commons Anthony Rota saying “I’m trying to hear the answer and I’m having a very difficult time, there’s some shouting going on. Maybe just keep it down and if you’ve got something that you’re not agreeing with, talk amongst yourself with someone next to you, you don’t have to shout it out to the person across the floor.

He then tried to answer again, but was yet again met by a cloud of laughing, shouting, and booing. The hecklers did almost as good a job making noise as the honking trucks parked around Ottawa. He then tried to describe his use of emergency power as “what responsible leadership requires.” Rather than take the pretty-faced tyrant seriously, the chamber erupted in scornful laughter.

Bergen slammed him again to cap off the exchange, saying “I had a very simple question to the prime minister. He was not able to answer it. It would appear this could be more political drama for the prime minister. He name-calls people that he disagrees with. He wedges, he divides, he stigmatizes. Yet, in spite of all of his failure, Coutts border has cleared. Windsor has opened up. Provinces and police are doing their jobs and blockades are starting to come down.

It’s not clear why she was cheering the blockades coming down, as those people manning them are the ones that support her, but it was still a good enough statement and the overall situation was excellent, showing just how bankrupt the Trudeau regime is.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

9 thoughts on “Watch: Canadian Lawmakers Start Ridiculing, Laughing at Trudeau”

  1. True-Dough is a longtime protege and underling of the nahzee Klaus Schwab, the lowlife who swooped down upon the World Economic Forum with his vile swastika arm bands to declare himself as “master of all” and creator of the uber-bogus “great reset”. True-Dough is nothing more than the pendulous withered Schwab’s impotent actor, flaunting his ignoramus pretentions across Canada as it’s the only way he can get any attention.

  2. Just how many times has the Left accused Conservatives of ‘playing with children’s lives’ and here their are. It is pointless to recount the tales of people suffering sometimes catastrophic injuries from the ‘vaccine’, the Left isn’t listening. But let Big Pharma rustle a little cash and the Left starts salivating like a dog at dinner.

  3. Trudeau is the same as his supposed father, Pierre, was; WORTHLESS. What a punk. My fondest hope is that he cannot be elected to a position above street washer…..and take Biden with you. Put your shirt back on, you look stupid and get rid of the western hat. We hate imposters and you (Trudeau) are one!

  4. Turddough needs to resign he is toast no one will listen to him now .I have never liked the communist bastard and I have never understood why Canada ever elected him once let alone twice I guess he has showed them what he really is a down and out communist but still old man Traitor Joe Biteme had to tell him what to do and that has blown up in his face just like every thing Biteme does.A buffon told by another buffon what to do.Guess Traitor Joe thinks he owns Canada also and Turddough jumps when Brandon bellers.Go truckers go.

  5. So sad that Prime Minister Justin Castreau runs Canada. Were it not for the dampness he inspires in the panties of Canadian women he would be nothing more than an unemployed gigolo.

  6. Understand that Trudeau only has a minority government and his approval rating is about 16%. He hates anybody that does not belong to “his people”. His version of Canada extends 100 miles west of Toronto to 100 miles east of Montreal. If you are not a hard leftist, make less than $120,000, and did not go to university, you are not really part of Canada. Listen to his speeches in french to hear the hatred of the rest of Canadians.

    He has however broken every article of the Bill of Rights. He also has done more for breaking up the country than even daddy Pierre managed.

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