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Can Joe Biden Win in 2020?

My Take on the Joe Biden Meme and “Can Joe Biden Win in 2020?”

The above Joe Biden meme is hilarious, but also well-worth thinking about if you’re one of those young conservatives that’s deciding who to vote for in the 2020 election, or a conservative of any age that’s wondering to yourself “can Joe Biden win in 2020?”

The answer to “can Joe Biden win in 2020?,” as shown by the above Joe Biden meme, is “no!” Joe Biden is a senile, unelectable, soft on China, career politician. He’s the opposite of Trump in every way and a complete buffoon. Whereas Trump, despite multiple crises that weren’t his fault and constant media treason and anger, has risen in the polls and helped all Americans, Joe Biden has never worked for America. Instead, he’s only (incompetently) fought for the Democratic Party and his own financial interests.

For one, Trump has taken a financial loss by being president. He donates his salary to worthy causes, has divested himself from the business ventures he spent decades building and promoting, and has not acted corruptly in any way. Joe Biden, on the other hand, has been completely corrupt. He raped a woman and covered it up, showing the Democratic Party’s hypocrisy. He used his influence to get his son Hunter Biden a sweetheart deal from Burisma, a Ukrainian gas company, and a huge sum of money in a sketchy China deal.

joe biden and china and hunter biden and china
Joe Biden and Hunter Biden are corrupt, meaning that the answer to “can Joe Biden win?” is “no!”

Trump and Biden are as different as night and day; Trump has acted in an above-board manner whereas Joe Biden is obviously corrupt. Voters can see that, which means, as seen in this Joe Biden meme, that the answer to “can Joe Biden win in 2020?” is “No!” Joe Biden is corrupt, unlike Trump? Who would want to vote for the corrupt, career politician over the successful businessman?

Similarly, Trump has worked to help America whereas Biden has only worked for the Democratic Party. Trump’s top policies, such as tax cuts, deregulation, and standing up to China are popular with and helpful to all Americans, Republican or Democrat. Biden, on the other hand, when not acting corruptly and in his own interest, has prioritized policies that hurt Americans and help Democrats.

Trump wants to be the President that builds America up and turn it into the best possible country and economy that it could possibly be. That is his goal. Creepy Joe Biden, on the other hand, does not care about America at all. All he wants to do is use his power and influence to enrich himself.

Would you vote for that greedy, corrupt, pro-China politician? I wouldn’t! Even if you do not particularly like Trump, he, at least, actually cares about America. Joe Biden certainly does not. And that is one of the biggest reasons why I think that the answer to “can Joe Biden win in 2020” is a definite “NO!”

But Biden’s corruption is not the only issue. His preferred policies, which seem straight out of Bernie’s mouth (probably because they are), show that he is not a moderate and would bankrupt and destroy America.

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For example, creepy Joe Biden would destroy the energy industry to promote the “Green New Deal” and renewables. He would attack the 2nd Amendment to make Democrats feel good about gun control and in the process limit the ability of Americans to defend themselves against violent crime.

And, of course, Biden can’t be trusted to defend America on the world stage. He’d prioritize Democrat policies of submission to hostile nations and make those far-left Democrats feel better about “American guilt.” As if you could imagine a world as good as the one now if America did not exist. America has been a global force for good, even if it has made the occasional mistake President Trump recognizes that and wants to stand up for America. He has a backbone and is willing to fight for his homeland. Biden does not and is not.

So, can Joe Biden win the presidency in 2020? Absolutely not, as Obama says in the above Joe Biden meme.

And the fact that Joe Biden can’t win the election in 2020 is a big problem for Democrats. Recently, we’ve learned the truth about what happened during the last days of the Obama Administration. The entire DOJ, especially the FBI, acted corruptly to attack the Trump candidacy and presidency. That was especially obvious in their unjust and tyrannical treatment of Michael Flynn. We know about that now, so the fact that the answer to “can Joe Biden win?” is an obvious “no” is very problematic for the Democrats; Obama and the rest of his cronies won’t have anyone in office to pardon them.

Finally, the reason that the answer to “can Joe Biden win?” is an obvious “no” is a problem for Democrats is that Democrats have forgotten about moderates. They’ve left behind their hard-working, blue-collar constituency in favor of radical SJWs and cancel culture warriors. Real Americans hate that and will make sure that Trump wins a second term.

President Trump loves America and is fighting for it. Most Americans, whether they like Trump or not, at least respect that he is standing up for us. I see no indication that Joe Biden loves America at all, much less as much as President Trump does. That’s why every conservative can feel comfortable answering “can Joe Biden win?” with “no” if you are asked. He will lose in a landslide and Trump will be reelected because, unlike Biden, Trump loves America.

By: Gen Z Conservative