October 23, 2020

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can businesses reopen now

Can Businesses Reopen Now?


For weeks, the Democrats declared that if we went outside and patronized our local small businesses then we’d all die. Corruption increased, the economy was crippled, and thousands of small business owners were left financially devastated by that government intervention in the economy because of the Chinese Flu. However, now that the protests that are ostensibly over George Floyd have started, all those guidelines seem to have gone out the window. So, can businesses reopen now, finally?

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Businesses should be able to reopen. We’ve seen enough closures, bankruptcies, and other forms of economic disaster. Everyone on both Main Street and Wall Street knows that it’s time to reopen the American economy and unleash the free market.

Unfortunately, our political class doesn’t seem to understand that the answer to “can businesses reopen now?” should be a no-holds-barred yes. Free states across the nation have already learned that, as seen by my home state of Georgia reopening. Sadly, too few other states have followed that lead to reopen America.

governor kemp decided that in Georgia, the answer to "can businesses reopen now" is yes
News Screenshot: Governor Kemp decided that in Georgia the answer to “can businesses reopen now?” is “yes, please do!”

However, some journalists are willing to stand up for America’s right to reopen because they know that desiring freedom isn’t selfish. One such journalist is Karol Markowicz of the New York Post, who wrote a recent article entitled “If protesters can march, why can’t businesses reopen.” It’s a refreshing and much needed answer to the “can businesses reopen now?” question.

Summary of “Can Businesses Reopen Now

First, Markowicz discusses the hypocrisy in how Democrats treat the Antifa terrorists and how they treat law-abiding American business owners. While they allow riots in the streets, many of which involve tens of thousands of violent thugs not wearing masks, state governors are simultaneously and unapologetically doing everything in their power to keep our businesses closed:

Remember COVID-19? Owners of small businesses that have yet to open but are in danger of being smashed by rioters sure do.

As Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo take turns making vague comments about the continued destruction, many small-business owners caught in limbo are asking: Why are crowds OK for protest but not anything else? Our fearful leaders have no answer.

From: If protesters can march, why can’t businesses reopen

Next, she discusses the insane level of restrictions placed on business and how a lack of information from state governments is making it impossible for small business owners to answer “can businesses reopen now?”

An owner of a chain of pre-schools that regularly provide services to over 500 families across the city told me how impossible it’s been to get a clear answer from the state about the future of his business.

Others wondered how, even after we fully reopen, their businesses could function with the strict guidelines in place.

A jewelry store owner in Midtown told me she’s not sure how a jewelry store can allow customers inside with masks. The curbside pickup finally allowed in Phase 1 won’t make a difference to many retailers either.

From: If protesters can march, why can’t businesses reopen

Finally, Markowicz points out just how absurd those restrictions look in the face of the Covid crisis. Protesters are burning down our cities and causing the unraveling of America, but the cops are more focused on punishing and attacking innocent business owners who want to do nothing more than earn an honest living. How is that fair? Can businesses reopen now?:

The protests have exposed the absurdity of the continued lockdowns. It’s either a public-health emergency and crowds must be stopped or it’s not. It cannot be both.

On Sunday, as protests continued in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, a video circulated online of a city sheriff just a few avenues away giving tickets to open stores on 13th Avenue in Brooklyn.

None of this makes any sense anymore. The jig is up, the lockdown is over, our elected officials just need to catch up.

From: If protesters can march, why can’t businesses reopen

My Take on “Can Businesses Reopen Now?”

So, can businesses reopen now? The protesters have ended any even pretend attempt at social distancing. They’re our there rioting, screaming, and burning things while packed into tight crowds.

How on Earth is that permitted under the current restriction regime? Small business owners everywhere are being crushed by the restrictions and meanwhile these outright thugs and violent Antifa members are able to roam the cities freely. They make a joke of our justice system while our politicians destroy the economy. That needs to stop as soon as possible.

The fact is, the protesters could not care less if businesses ever reopen. They are Marxists and hate private industry. Similarly, our state government officials, especially the Democrats, just want to be seen doing virtue-signalling acts so that they get slightly higher approval ratings related to their Chinese Flu response. It is all just disgusting political theater.

But there are many honest Americans out there that just want to get working again. Everywhere from the most closed down of states, like California, to the freest and most reopened states, like Georgia, is full of honest, hard-working Americans that want to get back to work. Rather than rioting in honor of a violent, drug-addicted thug, Americans should protest in support of those business owners that have been financially devastated by the tyrannical response to this pandemic. Can businesses reopen now? In a free society, they would have already been able to.


Everyone needs to start asking their politicians, “can businesses reopen now?” And those politicians need to start answering with a “yes.” The American economy needs to reopen as soon as possible.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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