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Can 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries Defend Themselves?

My Take:

I used to love Virginia. It’s the home of the Anglo-Saxon American birth described in Who Are We?, a birthplace of many Federalists and Anti-Federalists, and an important part of Civil War history, especially because of Robert E Lee. But, it’s recently shied away from that history of patriotism and rebellion against tyranny. Now, the governor is intent on confiscating weapons and sanctuary cities are forming to defend themselves from those laws. So, can 2nd Amendment sanctuaries defend themselves?

I recently wrote about the 2nd Amendment sanctuaries that are forming in Virginia. If you want to know the larger explanation of why those sanctuaries are forming, then check out that article. But, suffice it to say that they’re forming because Virginia’s blackface-wearing governor is acting like a tyrant.

According to some reports, Ralph Northam, Virginia’s governor, has threatened all manner of things to ensure the confiscation of AR-15s and other “assault weapons.” Mainly, those reports indicate he first wants a gun registration database.

He wants to turn off the electricity and the internet. Or he wants to send the National Guard door to door. And much more.

Luckily, the answer to “can 2nd Amendment sanctuaries defend themselves?” is a roaring yes. As you can see in the above photo, gun owners dramatically outnumber Northam’s gun confiscators.

If the patriots in Virginia are willing to resist tyranny and fight the gun-grabbing left, then they can certainly defend themselves.

And in my opinion, they would be well within their rights to fight back. Gun confiscation to create a disarmed citizenry is unconstitutional. It’s exactly what the British tried at Lexington and Concord!

So, Virginians should feel comfortable defending their 2nd Amendment sanctuaries if the need arises. One of the most important reasons to own a firearm is to fight against tyranny. That’s part of the importance of the 2nd Amendment.

Thank goodness the pro-gun patriots in Virginia remember that. Because even if Northam currently just plans on gun buybacks, those are no better than confiscations. They’re the same thing! And he’ll quickly learn that as long as patriots exist and are well-armed, gun confiscation is impossible. Hopefully, the left will learn that sooner rather than later.

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By: Gen Z Conservative