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California Conservatives Should Flee to a Free State

Why California Conservatives should Flee California

It is not surprising that people are leaving California and New York in record numbers. Citizens of those oppressive, socialist-leaning, nanny states have long suffered under governments that prioritize the rights and well-being of criminals while ignoring or abusing their own law-abiding and tax-paying citizens. For that reason, if you are one of those rare California conservatives, it is time to move to a free state.

While it is not surprising to me that people are leaving California, it is surprising to me that there are still a (relatively) significant number of California conservatives and, more generally, Republicans in California. Most people that are to the right of Karl Marx would have fled that dystopian hellhole from now.

I am from Georgia but go to school in Virginia, a moderate blue state. Even living there is bad enough, especially because Governor Blackface (aka Ralph Northam) is constantly trying to steal the guns of his citizens. The liberal students and professors I am surrounded by do not help things either.

But, in any case, that is just living in a moderate blue state. California and New York, on the other hand, are deep blue states. Especially California. The homeless and criminal elements of society are given priority over taxpayers. The police back down to the Marxist mob of BLM activists and Antifa rioters. California conservatives on college campuses are routinely attacked, often physically, by Antifa thugs.

Life is bad for California conservatives, and generally for conservatives in blue states. For that reason, it is time for conservative Americans around the nation to flee to free states.

So, I think it is time for California conservatives to leave. And New York conservatives. And Oregon conservatives. And so on and so forth. Conservatives in blue states need to leave. Now. The reasons for that are both political and economic.

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The Political Reasons that California Conservatives and Other Blue State Conservatives Need to Flee to Red States

It might sound odd to say that California conservatives and other blue state conservatives have a good political reason to leave their blue states and flee to red states. But, I think that they actually have two good reasons.

The first is that America has an electoral college, and if we are strategic, we can use that to our advantage. Right now, if you are a conservative in a blue state, your vote does not matter and your living in that blue state actually hurts you. Because the number of electors a state is granted depends on that state’s population, if you are living in a solidly blue state, you are giving that state more electors. If states did not have a winner take all system for assigning electors, that might be different. But, right now, pretty much every state is a winner take all state.

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So, if you are a California conservative that flees to Texas, you are doing two positive things for the Republican Party. The first is changing the number of electors in a way that benefits Republicans. After a significant number of California conservatives flee to a red state, in this hypothetical situation Texas, Texas will have an additional elector and California will have one less, thus making it easier for Republicans to win the presidential election.

The more of a trend that fleeing is, the more significant of an advantage it will grant to Republicans. By leaving blue states, you helping give red states more electors and taking those electors away from blue states.

By encouraging a migration of conservatives out of blue states, the Republican Party could tip the electoral odds more in its favor.

The other, similar reason, has to do with the House of Representatives. As with the number of electors a state is granted, the number of representatives it has depends on its population. While they are not granted in the same winner take all manner, their apportionment among the states is still a problem for Republicans.

To fix that, Republicans should leave blue states. If you are a Republican living in California, chances are you are living in a blue district. There are a few red districts left in California, so maybe California conservatives could stay in those, but generally California has blue districts. So, just leave. If you live in Nancy Pelosi’s district, it is not like your vote matters. She will win as long as she wants to and her inner-city district will remain a blue one no matter what you do. Decrease the number of representatives blue states have by leaving and giving those representatives to red states.

Even better, move to a slightly blue district in a red state and encourage people you know to do the same thing so that not only will that red state get more representatives, but also you will potentially shift one of its blue districts to a red one.

The only political argument against this plan that I can imagine is that it might mean Republicans lose a few Senate seats or give up our chances to win in contested states. However, I do not think that that is a particularly valid argument. Yes, it might be true in a few cases, such as Colorado and Virginia. But, generally, blue states have Democrat senators and red states have Republican senators.

While we should strive to win in every state, we need to be strategic. Would it not be better to ensure that crucial states like North Carolina, Texas, and Florida remain red by moving to them while simultaneously leaving California and New York, thus taking electors and representatives away from those states?

I think it would be, so I think the political argument for California conservatives to leave California and other blue state republicans to leave their deep blue states is a sound one. Staying in battleground states such as Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, or, even better, moving to those battleground states, is crucial to continued Republican political victories. But California conservatives that remain in California are doing nothing more than giving electoral and Congressional votes to Democrats. If you are a California conservative, it is time to flee to a red state.

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The Economic Reasons to Leave Blue States

This argument is more complicated. Some Americans, especially young conservatives that are just beginning their careers, have the good fortune to be able to move to or live anywhere. For others, the ability to move is more complicated. Perhaps you are one of the many California conservatives that have built small businesses in California. In that case, would it not be economically disastrous for you to leave?

Well, maybe, maybe not. It depends on what you think you can accomplish if you leave and start anew. If you think you can accomplish the same thing after selling your business and moving, then it makes great economic sense to flee to a red state. Americans have left and moved to states with greater opportunity for all of our existence, as you can read about in A Wilderness so Immense and Nothing Like It in the World. So, moving to find better economic opportunity is not just possible, but is part of the American spirit.

Similarly, if you are working for a corporation and can transfer to a red state, or can transfer to a similar position in a company in a red state, it makes economic sense to do so.

The reason for that is the reason that Tesla is moving from California to Texas. It is the reason that many California conservatives have already fled to Texas or Nevada. That reason is taxation.

High taxes are horrible for the economy. They make it harder to build wealth, harder to start and run a business, and disincentivize people from working hard to make more. As the saying goes, if you want less of something, then tax it. Right now, taxes are too high in California. It must want fewer workers.

California has ridiculously high state income taxes. Texas has no state income tax. You could get the equivalent of a 12% raise by moving from California to Texas. And that is before the other ridiculous taxes that California imposes and Texas does not.

If you are a liberal, then that should not matter; your beloved Big Government programs are made possible only through high taxes. But for California conservatives or other blue state conservatives, who are theoretically opposed to Big Government, moving to a state with lower taxes is a great thing. It means the state will try to do less!

And that ties in with the other economic reason that it makes sense for California conservatives to flee to red states; regulation. The simple fact is, blue states regulate businesses within them far, far more than red states do. That is not to say red states have deregulated anywhere near enough; I think we need to go back to Gilded Age levels of regulation. But, still, life is generally better in red states, especially for businesses and business owners, because the regulations are less oppressive.

Not only does that relative lack of regulation make your life easier, but it also means that the economy around you will be doing better. There will be more businesses, things will not be as expensive, and there will be economic growth as other entrepreneurs start businesses or develop land. In other words, red states get the Heinlein quote on poverty and innovation and understand that deregulation and embracing capitalism are the ways to make life better for their citizens.

Blue states either do not get that or do not care. They would prefer to just regulate their citizens into economic stagnation and poverty, as we have seen happen in California. So, in part because of the regulation issue, it makes sense for California conservatives to flee to red states.

Tied in with the regulation issue is the Chinese Flu pandemic issue. While both blue states and red states have their share of petty tyrants that have responded to the Chinese Flu pandemic in a tyrannical manner. But, generally, red states have done a much better job of respecting individual liberty and the right of citizens to do what they want during this crisis.

Whereas blue states like California have been doing everything in their power to lock down their citizens and destroy the rights of those citizens, red states have generally respected those rights. Again, no state has handled this perfectly (or even particularly well), but life for California conservatives and other blue state conservatives would probably be better in red states, where their rights would be better respected.

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Is it not ironic that both now and before the Civil War, the two times of greatest political tension in America, Republican states are free states? Back then, the Republican states are the ones that did not allow slavery. Now, red states are the ones that respect individual liberty, have lower taxes and regulations, and generally try to uphold, rather than restrain, the rights of their citizens.

So, for those reasons alone, California conservatives should flee to red states. But they should also remember that in so doing, they will help further the Republican cause.

Moving is difficult. But doing so would make the lives of California conservatives and other blue state conservatives far better, would make them more prosperous, and would solidify the electoral advantage that Republicans currently enjoy.

We need to win. The Democrats are Marxists. They will destroy America as we know it. By being strategic, we might be able to give ourselves the electoral and Congressional advantage that we need.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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