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Bye-Bye Psaki: Let’s “Circle Back” to Jen’s 10 Worst Moments Before She Leaves

With Psaki leaving soon, we’re gonna have to say goodbye to Peppermint Patty and welcome in her successor, who’s already shaping up to somehow be even worse. At least Psaki wasn’t coming into her position with the baggage of having an obvious, indeed shockingly obvious, conflict of interest…just leaving with one.

Regardless, before she leaves, let’s visit some of Jen’s most memorable moments, shall we?

In first place is the “drink a marg and try kickboxing incident,” where she told Americans worried about the disastrous state of things to do just that:

Thaks, Jen. Hearing you does make me want some liquor, so I guess you’re not wrong…

Next up is that time that she went on a crazy rant mocking those that think Biden is soft on crime, intentionally and obviously downplaying their concerns in what was a disgustingly display of her elitism and lack of concern with the common man:

Then there was this awkward moment from awhile back, back when she tried pretending she hadn’t seen the Hunter Biden report in an obvious attempt to dodge questions on it:

Next up is the Biden-created fiasco in Afghanistan. Or, more specifically, that time Psaki got absolutely shellacked by FNC White House Correspondent Peter Doocy over the Americans left stranded in that hellhole:

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Oh, and who could forget that time relatively recently that she attacked Peter Doocy in a funny way, but also savaged Fox News, which might have been her breaking the law since she’s going to work for one of its competitors:

Moving on to Psaki moment number 6, that’s another recent Psaki moment. For it, we chose when she cried quite a few crocodile tears over the Florida and Texas bills limiting the left’s radical sexual nonsense, tears so fake that even Joe would have had trouble believing them to be real:

Next up is when Psaki decided to gaslight America about one of Biden’s Covid speeches and blame unvaccinated Americans for the crisis, a laughable response right now:

Then there’s her response to the whole “Border Patrol whipping Haitian migrants” story, a story that was completely made up but that Team Biden went along with from the start. Her lies on that were so obvious that even a CNN reporter got to asking her hard questions:

Oh, and for number 9 we chose a super underrated incident: when she said just a few weeks ago that Team Biden still views inflation, which has been raging for months, as “transitory”. Yes, really. Watch that here:

Last but not least was her absurd claim that Covid was to blame for the spate of high-profile retail robberies that broke out thanks to those soft on crime policies she pretended weren’t real:

I can’t say it’s been a pleasure having to listen to Jen, but she sure did know how to make headlines for saying the wrong thing. Bye-bye, Psaki, not gonna miss ya! Not even one little bit!

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.