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BYE-BYE Chiraq: The Bears Deliver Yet another Crushing Blow to Lori Lightfoot’s Crime-Wracked City

Well, The Bears have had enough with the utter hell that is the blood-drenched city of Chicago, and so they’re leaving the crime-riddled metropolis in what is a huge blow for Chicago’s failed Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Not only does he show how little faith people have in her leadership and ability to turn things around, but it’s utterly humiliating for her, as it shows the weakness of her judgment: just one year ago, Mayor Lightfoot was actually laughing off the idea of the Bears leaving the Windy City…

Well, here we are. It’s just a year late and the Bears have said “goodbye” to what must be America’s closest recreation of Fallujah. They’re packing their bags, hopping in vehicles fast enough to outrun the crime, and are heading to the much-safer suburbs.

This massive move came after Lightfoot started bending herself into a pretzel to try to get them to stay, doing everything in her power to offer enticing enough rewards to convince them that staying would be a good idea despite the crime and generally awfulness of the city.

But, unsurprisingly, the bribery attempt didn’t work. The Bears would rather have a safe place to live, practice, and play than whatever Lori was offering them.

And what she was offering them was quite substantial. The Daily Caller reported that what the team rejected was a massive, multi-billion-dollar offer to improve their home stadium: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot offered an incentive with a value of up to $2.2 billion in renovations to the Soldier Field stadium in hopes of convincing the Bears to stay in the city.

And those updates would have been substantial.

They would have included installing structures in both of the stadium’s end-zones that support a domed roof over the facility, which would have been great for playing in the freezing-cold city, adding additional seating to accommodate an extra 8,500 fans, and quadrupling the food and beverage square footage in the facility.

But the team didn’t want that. It wanted to move to the safer, calmer suburbs. So they rejected the offer, saying, in a statement:

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“As part of our mutual agreement with the seller of that property, we are not pursuing alternative stadium deals or sites, including renovations to Soldier Field.”

The Bear’s leaving Chicago is gonna hurt something fierce. They are the 7th most valuable franchise in the NFL and the Soldier Field stadium rakes in $166 million dollars in revenue for the city of Chicago, according to Forbes. Well, it raked in that much…not any longer, apparently.

Yet worse for Lori, this isn’t the only “fond farewell” that’s happened to Chiraq lately…a multitude of businesses are packing up by the truckload and bailing.

Showing the scope of the general disaster for the state, Illinois’ population declined by 113,776 from July 1, 2020, through July 1, 2021, according to an Illinois policy report.

And although people are fleeing Illinois from all around the blue state, the City of Chicago lost a total of 45,175 residents from July 2020-July 2021, the third-highest of any city in America.

Lori Lightfoot is up for reelection. She could be in some big trouble with whatever voters have decided to stick around the crime-wracked city.

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13 thoughts on “BYE-BYE Chiraq: The Bears Deliver Yet another Crushing Blow to Lori Lightfoot’s Crime-Wracked City”

  1. Lori, just where the heck were you going to get 2.2 Billion to fix Soldier Field. Say good bye to the 166 Million that the Bears bring into Chicago, and you can blame it all on yourself, yes you, you did it.

  2. Liberalism as determined today by Democrats and media is an ideology that nurtures crime, chaos, and destruction. It’s only a matter of time with liberals till they destroy everything they can and then proudly say they did so.

  3. This should send a huge message to all of NFL and America that Liberal Marxism/ Socialism leads to destruction.

  4. Lightfoot should have been gone years ago!!!!! She has been a cancer to Chicago since she’s been elected!!!!! Stop all the killing and restore some law and order!!!!

  5. Great organization feel sorry for Chicago football fans. Hopefully Chicago will heal. Maybe they need to build a wall around Chicago’s crime riddled city until someone can take control.Lori Lightfoot has proven that she has no clue and is a Racist she’s proven that time after time. No discipline for thugs and Chicago citizens is paying for it.Lori you couldn’t offer enough for myself even to visit Chicago even with all the history. Racist Criminal !!!

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