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BYE-BYE BRIAN: CNN Announces Brian “The Potato” Stelter Has Been Fired, Here’s Why

The portly and least qualified Regime mouthpiece to arguably ever host his own show has finally been canned from the cratering cable news network CNN. Brian Stelter, the longtime whiner on the unironically named show “Reliable Sources” will be out following his final broadcast on Sunday, August 21st.

His audience of fifteen viewers will sorely miss him.

Brain Stelter made a name for himself by hosting a show committed to responding to either Tucker Carlson or fan-boying the latest Trump story. He became one of the faces of Fake News for his persistent effort to lie, misconstrue, and project leftist shortcomings on much more talented, successful, and likable people.

Fox News remembered Brian Stelter as a devoted left-wing apologist.

“Stelter developed a reputation as a left-wing pundit who spent much of his airtime criticizing conservative media. He was recently called out in a report about an attempt to restore the organization’s nonpartisan approach as the “face of the network’s liberal shift” in the eyes of conservatives.

Stelter, one of the mainstream media’s most outspoken critics of former President Trump, will host his final CNN show on Sunday. In what many assumed was an attempt to appease new management, Stelter recently had an apparent epiphany about the severity of the Hunter Biden scandal, which turned out not to be a dismissable “right-wing media story” like the liberal pundit insisted in 2020.”

As news of Stelter’s firing breaks, it’s worth revisiting this epic montage. In it, Stelter can be seen presenting evidence that American trust in the corporate media had eroded over time, completely lacking the self-awareness to identify himself and his network as one of the main antagonists in the story.

It remains to be seen where Stelter goes next. The only question worth asking is: Who would even consider hiring him? As with other erstwhile CNN hosts and analysts – Chris Cuomo, Chris Wallace, and Jeffrey Toobin come to mind – their openly partisan and simply wrong take on every major matter makes them seem unhireable. Cuomo famously couldn’t even get a job as a firefighter.

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Fox concluded with similar remarks on the unremarkable Stelter.

“The news of Stelter’s departure comes days after CNN’s longtime chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin announced his exit. Toobin, who was famously engulfed in a mess of a controversy in 2020 when he was caught masturbating during a Zoom meeting, is widely thought to have been forced out by Licht in an effort to retore the network’s once-proud reputation. 

During his time at CNN, Stelter was regularly mocked by critics as a “hall monitor” and the media’s “janitor,” while others referred to him by disparaging nicknames such as “Humpty Dumpty” and “Tater.””

By: Haley Sanibel

This article was syndicated from Blue State Conservative