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Bye-Bye Brandon: This Massive Trend is a “Major Warning for Democrats”, Indication of a Red Wave

Guess what Americans are doing right now when it comes to politics? No, they’re not cheering for Brandon any longer; rather, Americans are now switching their party affiliations in massive numbers, moving from being Democrats or Independents to Republicans because of how badly things are going right now.

News on that comes from the Associated Press, which reports that:

More than 1 million voters across 43 states have switched to the Republican Party over the last year, according to voter registration data analyzed by The Associated Press. The previously unreported number reflects a phenomenon that is playing out in virtually every region of the country — Democratic and Republican states along with cities and small towns — in the period since President Joe Biden replaced former President Donald Trump. 

The report also notes that “While party switching is not uncommon, the data shows a definite reversal from the period while Trump was in office, when Democrats enjoyed a slight edge in the number of party switchers nationwide.”

Oof, sorry Joe, people are done with you! A million people, to be exact.

And that’s just the beginning of it. When the data is examined more closely, the news gets even worse for Democrats, who picked up just 600,000 or so new registered voters compared to the over 1 million new Republicans.

That’s because it’s an area Democrats are heavily counting on as being in their favor and being anti-Trump that’s now turning against them: the suburbs.

As the report puts it: the “well-educated swing voters who turned against Trump’s Republican Party in recent years appear to be swinging back.

Even wine moms are fed up with Brandon the disaster, an that’s happening across the US, even in swing states like Georgia and Pennsylvania:

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Over the last year, far more people are switching to the GOP across suburban counties from Denver to Atlanta and Pittsburgh and Cleveland. Republicans also gained ground in counties around medium-size cities such as Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Raleigh, North Carolina; Augusta, Georgia; and Des Moines, Iowa.

Here are a few more highlights from the AP report:

  • The party switches were evident across the board — in red states and blue states, cities and small towns and suburban areas, AP found.
  • Of the nearly 1.7 million voters who changed parties in states with available data over the last year, some two-thirds went to the GOP.
  • “Biden and Democrats are woefully out of touch with the American people, and that’s why voters are flocking to the Republican Party in droves,” RNC chair Ronna McDaniel told the AP.

McDaniel also, when speaking on the situation, said: “Biden and Democrats are woefully out of touch with the American people, and that’s why voters are flocking to the Republican Party in droves. American suburbs will trend red for cycles to come [thanks to] Biden’s gas hike, the open border crisis, baby formula shortage and rising crime.

Indeed. Slow Joe has been an absolute disaster and America has finally woken up to the threat to their future and prosperity posed by him and his fellow leftists.

A massive red wave is incoming. Americans are sick and tired of the disaster that is Joe Biden and his gang of absolutely idiotic advisors, not to mention the clown show that is the Pelosi-dominated legislature.

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