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Burger King’s “Pride Whopper”….Bottoms Up?

How crazy have the leftists running America’s multinational corporations gotten? So crazy that now they’re making a “pride” (as in gay pride) themed Whopper. Yes, really; now ever your burger is gay.

Don’t believe it? Here’s the advertising, along with an extra helping of “gayo” for good measure:

News on Burger King Austria’s gay burger comes from the very appropriately named “”, which reported that:

Welcome to Pride Month 2022, where we finally have same-sex cheeseburgers.

Burger King Austria released a new Pride ad today showing their new Pride Whoppers, which come with same-sex buns for the first time ever. When you go to Burger King, at least in Austria, you can get a Whopper with either two top buns, or two bottom buns.

The Pride Whoppers come “with two matching buns for equal love and equal rights,” according to the post.

“We stand for the equal rights of all identities and sexual orientations,” the post continues. “A little twist to put a smile on your face and remind us to treat each other respectfully and peacefully. No matter who you are and who you love.”

Now you can eat unhealthy food no matter who you are! Burger King supports people of any sexuality getting obese eating its seed oil-filled crap. Wonderful! Gone must be the days of gays with washboard abs.

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For the Love of News, a partner site of this one, joked about the two bottom buns on the gay Whopper, saying:

Ok, I get it. Two “top” buns and two “bottom” buns. Not sure how the extra sesame seeds on the “tops” will play into things, but I’m listening.

So many questions come to mind. What about Whopper Jr? Who gets custody? Does bottom Whopper or top Whopper? Are there visitation rights? What about holidays?

The real question is why it was the Austrians that came up with such a clever “pride” whopper; even if the marketing to gays is shameless and it shows how far Christendom has drifted from its principles, at least the idea is somewhat clever. The American pride Whopper is just a Whopper in tacky rainbow packaging, as also reported on, saying:

American Burger Kings had a Pride Whopper, but it was just a normal Whopper wrapped in a rainbow wrapper that read “We are all the same inside” on the inside. This new Pride Whopper takes it to the next level.

Welcome to the hell of modernity. Now even your burger is gay.

Now it’s time to see if Burger King will ship the pride whoppers off to not so gay-friendly nations such as the Gulf states or China; based on past, memeable experiences, it seems rather more like they’ll just keep using the gay whoppers as shameless marketing in gay-friendly nations where it costs them nothing to do so.

But, then again, these are the people dumb enough to focus on turning burgers homosexual, so maybe they will focus on shipping them to the Middle East.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.