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“Bullying Mickey Mouse”: Leftists are Freaking Out Over What DeSantis Just Did

In a “bullsh^t of the day” segment presented to you by the mainstream media: “Don’t say gay” legislation orders Florida schools to ban Jingle Bells because of the lyrics “Don we now our gay apparel.”  And while we are on this topic: Ron DeSantis is “waging war” on Mickey Mouse.

Let’s hear from the representatives of the idiot mobile (Variety):

“This time around, DeSantis, a Trump protégé who is running for reelection this year, but has barely disguised presidential ambitions for 2024, has picked a fight with the state’s largest and most powerful employer.”

Variety should be entered into a journalistic hall of fame for fitting a record number of falsehoods into a simple sentence:

  • For those who don’t know the meaning of the word “protégé,” here is a helpful episode of Seinfeld. Donald Trump has never “guided,” or “advised,” Ron DeSatnis’. President Trump supported the Governor’s campaign in the final stage – as he did for numerous Republicans before the 2018 midterms. A President helping his party candidates in a close election is a normal political occurrence. A “Trump protégé” persona that Ron DeSantis enjoys is falsely created and perpetuated by the “hate Trump” media.
  • Any “presidential ambitions” of Ron DeSantis are, once again, a media creation. If the Governor has any “presidential ambitions,” he uses a heck of a “disguise” by fully denying them here and here.
  • And for those who think that “DeSantis picked a fight with Disney,” here is an analogy for you: imagine my out-of-town distant cousin coming to visit, 
  • announcing she hates my new wallpaper and demanding that I change it. After I refuse, she starts a ruckus, and when I call security to remove her from the property, she runs to a local paper and accuses me of “picking a fight.”

Governor DeSantis never addressed Disney until its CEO initiated a public spectacle. It was Disney who lied about the nature of HB 1557 and used corporate media to perpetuate the lies. It was Disney who attacked Governor DeSantis. It was Disney who used a handful of their employees for a ridiculous and pitiful PR stunt. It is Disney that is price gouging hard-working families and using the money to finance the far-left zealots. It is Disney who is undermining Florida by fighting the law that the state’s residents (and most of the country) fully support.

Disney – a California-based company – picked a fight with another state where they have no jurisdiction and no authority. All Disney has done in Florida is used the special privileges provided to them by the state to amass huge profits and political power – and now they are undermining the state that provided them that opportunity. And when the state has pushed back, Disney is putting on their Mickey ears and a Minnie skirt and runs crying to the corporate media.

Let’s hear from the representatives of the idiot mobile (USA Today) pitiful satire attempt:

“Opponents of the bill DeSantis recently signed into law called it the “don’t say gay bill” just because it makes teachers afraid to use the word ‘gay’ around students.”

“That’s right, the same company that for decades has tried to normalize pants-less ducks is now – according to Fox News, my go-to source for things to feel irrationally angry about – attempting to use unabashed, colorfully animated wokeness to destroy American morality.”

If you don’t have a “go-to source for things to feel irrationally angry about” – I recommend USA Today. For example, they will make you feel very angry that teachers can’t use the word ‘gay’ when teaching a kindergarten class. After all, there are many different educational contexts in grades K – 3 when using the word “gay” is extremely appropriate, and in fact, instrumental:

  • There is the age-old math problem of how many gay people it would take to screw in the light bulb
  • There is an old children’s literature classic “Heather has two mommies”
  • And for aspiring Supreme Court Justices, there is a beginning biology course that includes the definition of “a woman”

USA Today’s pitiful satire attempt continued:

“But we all know [HB 1557] is a perfectly reasonable measure aimed at helping parents pretend LBGTQ people don’t exist.”

If you did not know it, Disney is just an innocent entertainment company that creates cartoons about barnyard animals while periodically reminding your preschoolers that “LBGTQ people do exist.” That is a very important lesson to learn for kids under eight whose parents are not responsible enough to take them to a cultural trip to San Francisco, or, at the very least, Tampa Pride.  But for just three times the cost you can attend Disney Gay Days, where your preschoolers will learn all they wanted to know about “gender-affirming care”   but were afraid to ask.

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Paging USA Today: when your 6-year old nephew gets bored watching “pant-less ducks,” here is an exciting piece of entertainment made by Disney he would enjoy:

“Turning Red,” rated PG, is the story of a thirteen-year-old girl named Mei who inherits her family’s curse to become a red panda whenever she feels passionate emotions, including sexual tension, which feels wildly inappropriate in a movie targeting young children.

USA Today:

A recent headline on The Federalist’s website read: “Disney Executives Admit: Of Course We’re Grooming Your Children.”  That claim is as shocking as me believing that claim despite a complete lack of evidence that it is in any way true.

Apparently, USA today never got past the title of the Federalist article, because they got distracted by a daily marching orders email from Media Matters.  Three sentences into the article, The Federalist presents the evidence that USA Today claims “is lacking:” an open admission from Disney that they are, in fact, grooming your children:

Let’s hear more from the representatives of the idiot mobile (CBS)

“Governor Ron DeSantis and other state’s Republicans are planning to pick a big fight with Disney.”

“This is really a shot across the bow, to try to bring the Disney company – Mickey Mouse, if you will – into line with Governor DeSantis.”

After their dishonest attempt to misrepresent Florida legislation HB 1557 has failed miserably, the media has turned to a dishonest attempt to portray Disney as “a victim” that is being “bullied into submission” by  a powerful Florida governor.  Some are even upset that Disney campaign contributions to Republicans were not treated with due deference:

“Disney has been a prolific donor to Florida campaigns, mostly to Republicans, contributing more than $2.1 million to candidates and committees since the start of 2021. The company had previously donated $50,000 to DeSantis’ bid for reelection this year.”

Attention mainstream media: in Florida, wielding political influence is no longer a bargain.

Unlike “the swamp” Republicans of yesteryear, this Governor of Florida does not answer to Silicon Valley “influencers,” corporate big wigs, or the woke mob residing on Twitter. This Governor answers to hard-working, traditional Floridians. He earned their allegiance and support, and he will not sell it to the highest bidder.

Also, USA Today: you need new satire writers.

 RWR original article syndication source.