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SHOCKING REPORT: Biden is Considering Bringing Back Deported Illegals!

According to a recent report from the AP, Slow Joe Biden is considering bringing back deported illegals.

In other words, the government spent prodigious sums on arresting these people, locking them up or monitoring them, and sending them back home, yet Biden now wants to spend even more of your money on bringing back deported illegals, cost and crime be damned!

According to Trending Politics, “The Biden administration is being pressured by open borders activists and the National Immigrant Justice Center who want Biden to issue an executive order, creating a separate branch within the DHS allowing illegal aliens the ability to request their return back in to the States.”

Supporting that, here’s what the AP reported about Slow Joe’s incomprehensibly dumb illegal immigrant retrieval plan:

The plan asks the government to take into account factors like people who were eligible for legal status and had applied before being deported or those who have compelling circumstances.

The proposal has been shared with White House staff, the group said. It plans to invite Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to discuss the proposal and include a letter signed by 75 immigrants’ rights organizations supporting the plan.

Further support as to the veracity of the AP’s report comes from Breitbart, which stated in a recent article that “The open borders lobby shared a plan with the Biden administration to bring illegal aliens deported by former President Donald Trump’s administration back to the U.S., according to the Associated Press (AP). More than 935,000 illegal aliens were deported by the Trump administration.”

Additionally, Breitbart stated both that “While the Biden administration has not explicitly endorsed the plan set forth by the National Immigrant Justice Center, similar provisions are included in the White House’s official amnesty plan, suggesting administration officials are supportive of such a policy” and that “As Breitbart News reported, Biden’s plan would give amnesty to illegal aliens who were already deported from the U.S. by the Trump administration starting in January 2017.”

It appears that Biden is intentionally trying to undo everything good done by the Trump Administration on the southern border. Rather than maintain a strong border and prevent human traffickers and drug cartels from moving across a porous line in the sand, Biden is considering bringing back deported illegals. His support for open borders is insane and will prove to be a disaster for America.

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