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BREAKING: SCOTUS Won’t Block Brandon’s Student Loan Forginess Plan Thanks to This Trump-Nominated Justice

The United States Supreme Court, the institution that conservatives have increasingly relied on to save them from leftist policies, has reportedly decided that it will not block Biden’s recently announced student loan forgiveness plan.

According to Forbes, the decision of whether or not to hear the case came to Trump-nominated Justice Amy Coney Barrett, who decided against dealing with the issue and did not comment as to why. As that outlet reported:

“Conservative Justice Amy Coney Barrett rejected the motion from a Wisconsin group without offering an explanation. The Brown County Taxpayers Association filed the motion Wednesday, asking the court to immediately pause the loan relief program while it moves forward with litigation against the Biden Administration.

“A federal district court tossed a lawsuit from the group aiming to stop the program, which they have since appealed to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. The motion to the Supreme Court argued the program should be halted immediately because Biden overstepped his authority by authorizing loan forgiveness, which they claimed will lead to a gargantuan increase in the national debt.

President Joe Biden recently gave a speech on how the student loan forgiveness rollout is going, saying that millions have so far signed up for it and thousands have thanked him for the plan:

And the Secretary insisted that it be test- — that it had to be tested over the weekend. It landed and handled more than 8 million applications without a glitch or any difficulty.

We had over 10,000 people contact the White House and be — either send us letters or calls thanking us.

It means more than 8 million Americans are starting this week on their way to receiving a lifechanging relief that they’re looking for.

It started today, with millions more who are going to have the opportunity to do it as well.

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As millions of people fill out the application, we’re going to make sure the system continues to work as smoothly as possible so that we can deliver student loan relief for millions of Americans as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

He went on, in that speech, to add that tens of millions more people stand to benefit from the plan, saying:

In total, more than 40 million Americans can stand to benefit from this relief, and about 90 percent — 90 percent of that relief is going to go people making less than $75,000 a year.

Biden also claimed, in a portion of the speech that the White House transcript had to correct, that the student loan forgiveness plan should be seen as acceptable by everyone because he’s reduced the deficit (from a year with dramatic, pandemic-related spending). In his words (with the correction):

On my watch, the deficit fell by $350 billion last year, and we’re on track to reduce it by $1 trillion this fiscal year.

We’re also set to reduce it another $300 billion over the next 10 years because of the Medicaid [Medicare] being able to negotiate drug prices.

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