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BREAKING: Republican Judge Found Dead at Bottom of Lake in Arkansas

Someone better check and see where Killary is; a Republican judge, Judge Jeremiah T. Bueker, a county judge in the northern district of Arkansas County, was just found dead on Sunday after he went missing on Sunday.

Now, the Hillary bit is just a joke (so don’t take it seriously or as a statement of fact, all you fact-checkers out there). But the rest of the above is real; Judge Bueker was founded dead in the bottom of a lake, with authorities saying that the dead judge’s death is being investigated as an accidental drowning as of this time.

The lake he was found in was Mud Lake, which is just outside of Little Rock near a place called Reydell. That was disclosed by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, which also spoke on the matter in a statement. In that statement, Sheriff Lafayette Woods Jr. said:

The body of Arkansas County Northern District Judge Jeremiah T. Bueker, 48 has been recovered. 

Bueker, several family members and friends spent their weekend in Jefferson County, Arkansas as part of their recreational travel.  At some point during their outing, Bueker reportedly ventured off alone.  After time had passed and no one had seen or heard from Bueker, worry began to set in.  A search for Bueker by family and friends began. 

Bueker was last seen near Mud Lake, which channels into the Arkansas River just north of Achorn Drive in Reydell, Arkansas.  Unable to immediately locate Bueker and well past sunset, Bueker’s Family called 9-1-1.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched by the Metropolitan Emergency Communications Association (MECA) just before midnight and immediately responded.  Upon arrival, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Marine Patrol, joined wildlife officers with the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission began an extensive ground and water search.  Boats were deployed to aid in the search of Bueker.  The continued well into the early morning before both ground and water searches were suspended due to low visibility. 

Just after sunrise, deputies and wildlife officers resumed their search for Bueker and scoured the depth and breadth of Mud Lake. 

“The boats used were equipped with side-scan sonar, which provides a birds-eye view of the water, Sheriff Lafayette Woods, Jr. said.”

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At approximately 9:16 a.m., the side-scan sonar revealed a body on the bottom of the lake.  Deputies utilized subsurface body recovery drag/rescue hooks to recover Bueker’s body.  Upon recovery of the body, deputies and investigators with the assistance of family positively identified the body as that of Bueker.

Sheriff Woods said, “I truly pray that the successful recovery of Judge Bueker’s body by our deputies and Arkansas Game & Fish Wildlife Officers brings some sense of closure to the Bueker Family and those who knew him best.  The scour of emotions they must feel right now is devastating.”

The Jefferson County Coroner’s Office was notified and arrived at the scene a short time later, where Bueker was pronounced deceased.  Bueker’s death is being investigated as an accidental drowning; however, his body will be sent to the State Medical Examiner for an autopsy.

Maj. Gary McClain spoke on the incident as well, saying that it appeared Judge Bueker drowned after going swimming while on a recreational vehicle ride. In Maj. McClain’s words:

The mayor in the area, Stuttgart Mayor Norma Strabala, commented on the death of Judge Bueker as well. She said, in a Facebook post:

I, along with the City of Stuttgart and the Grand Prairie community are shocked and heartbroken at the loss of Jeremy Bueker. Jeremy was an important and special person in this community, serving as a good friend, fierce attorney, and as Arkansas County Northern District Court Judge for nearly a decade. I am praying for Sunny, his family and this community as we mourn this tragic loss.

What a tragedy!

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