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LOL: Fetterman Deals Humiliation to Brandon after He Travels to Pittsburg for Speech [VIDEO]

In yet another humiliating incident for our bumbling, senile, unpopular president, PA Senate candidate John Fetterman (and that weird growth on his neck) have decided to not appear with Brandon for a speech.

That speech that Fetterman decided not to appear for was this one, during which Biden thanked Fetterman and his neck growth for running against Dr. Oz, saying “I really do appreciate it.” Watch that here:

In the “thank you” part of the speech, Biden said:

I was saying something nice about you j- — that’s why it went out. (Laughter.) But I’m saying we’re going to try like the devil to keep you from having to — well, not having to — deciding to leave. I wish you didn’t.

And — and, John, thank you very much for — for running. I really do appreciate it. And, Jill, you’re going to — you’re going to be a great — (applause) — a great lady in the Senate.

Most of the speech, however, was not about Fetterman or the Senate race, but rather about building America’s infrastructure up. After highlighting how he’d helped the Governor of Pennsylvania repair a bridge that collapsed near Pittsburg, which is where this speech was given, Biden went on to highlight the sort of projects his administration is funding in Pennsylvania, particularly building out internet infrastructure and replacing lead pipes. In his words:

Now, my Department of Interior — (applause) — is sending Pennsylvania close to — and, Conor, I know you’ve worked on this — close to $350 million this year to cap the wells and reclaim the abandoned man — mine lands and polluted waterways, creating good-paying jobs in the process for the folks in the same communities that dug the wells in the first place.

In addition, we’re investing at least $100 million in Pennsylvania to get high-speed Internet across the state in every part of the state — urban, suburban, and rural. And no one is going to be left behind.

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Twenty-one percent of Pennsylvania families don’t have home Internet connections. But never again should a parent have to drive their kid to a McDonald’s parking lot and sit there to connect to a McDonald’s Internet so they could do their homework. Not a joke. You saw it happening.

In addition, there are over 150,000 lead service lines carrying water to homes and schools in Pennsylvania and over 7,000 in Pittsburgh. This impacts children’s brain development. I mean, for real. It’s a hazard to their health. You can’t have this in Pennsylvania. We can’t have this anywhere in America.

Now Pennsylvania is going to get $87 million to replace these lead pipes, because every person, every child in this country should have access to clean, safe drinking water. (Applause.)

And, by the way, these projects are going to create good-paying, mostly union jobs. That’s because I made sure the overwhelming majority of the funds of this Infrastructure Law are subject to Davis-Bacon prevailing wage requirements. (Applause.)

As far as Biden speeches go, it certainly wasn’t the worst, and it might have made sense for Fetterman, who likes to portray himself as a blue collar guy, to be there and show his support for those supposed union jobs. But he didn’t, he wasn’t there, which wasn’t a great look for Brandon.

Up until the end, that is, when Biden started wandering around on stage and looked like a lost dog.

So perhaps Fetterman made the right call not showing up and being associated with the senile president…

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