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Brandon’s EV Delusions Face a Harsh Fossil Fuel Reality [Op-Ed]

Biden recently made a trip to Saudi Arabia where he yet again embarrassed the United States on the world stage with his incompetence and senility. Brandon spent the trip pleading for the Saudis to produce more oil to cover for his terrible “green” energy policies.

To absolutely no surprise, Saudi Arabia isn’t going to increase oil production, because why would they? Demand is sky high and by choking the supply of oil, prices will continue to rise and the Saudis will profit. On top of that, Biden profusely labeled them a “Pariah” state and now they have him on his knees begging for oil.

A simple solution that wouldn’t force us to rely on other countries who don’t have our interests at heart, would be to encourage domestic oil production, but the Biden administration has done the exact opposite since taking office. Biden has canceled pipelines, suspended drilling leases on public land, increased EPA regulations, and more.

This administration has had a clear agenda to abruptly transition America to “green energy”. This will only continue to drive up the cost of energy.

While this may be bad news for you and every other American having to fill up their gas tanks, the Democrats see this as an opportunity for political gain at your expense. Here is what some of Biden’s top officials have been saying recently.

US Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, stated, “The more pain we are all experiencing from the high price of gas, the more benefit there is for those who can access electric vehicles.” Apparently, Pete has overlooked the fact that the average cost of an electric vehicle is over $60k. The average salary in the US is under $57k, making an EV entirely unaffordable even if we weren’t seeing Bidenflation driving prices to historically high levels.

Likewise, Biden Energy advisor Amos Hochstein said, “We have to do everything we can to accelerate to green energy.”

This means he wants to disincentivize domestic fossil fuel production to sway people away from gasoline-based engines. What Democrats are not talking about is that when you have to charge an electric car, 61% of our electricity is powered by either coal, natural gas, or petroleum.

Furthermore, as Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie pointed out, charging electric vehicles consumes FOUR times as much electricity as the average family uses for air conditioning. So there’s really nothing renewable about electric cars especially when the batteries are being dumped in landfills too.

Biden’s Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo proclaimed when talking about high energy prices, “The solution is to move as fast as possible away from fossil fuels.” She does not consider that our power grid is designed for fossil fuels as only 20% of power generation comes from renewables.

The infrastructure for mass renewable energy production simply does not exist. Therefore, it would be nearly impossible and unreliable to try to supply 330 million people with renewable based energy as quickly as the Libs would like to. This would have to be a transition that takes place over decades.

Another advisor to the Biden administration, Gina McCarthy, also bragged recently about how Democratic policies are killing fossil fuels jobs. “We just had a recent report that was put out showing all of the energy and employment stats from last year, clean energy is winning because fossil fuel is losing jobs,” she claimed. This truly embodies their radical pursuit of the “Green New Deal” that they will stop at nothing to achieve.

Biden and his administration don’t care if average Americans have their savings wiped out simply paying for gas, how many jobs they destroy, or how ineffective their policies are.

By: Macro Conservervative