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Brandon’s Brain is Out of Order: Here are 5 of His Funniest Gaffes

Remember when we had a president that could, you know, use his brain and speak more than a word or two without transitioning into rambling and letting a bunch of gibberish slowly dribble out of his mouth alongside drool? That was awesome. Unfortunately, it’s gone with the wind.

And what do we have instead? A senile old man that struggles to complete a sentence, frequently has no idea what’s going on, and never quite seems to be able to think about much more than getting his daily ice cream cone for being a good boy and letting the radical leftists have the run of the place. Here’s a highlight reel of his “out of service” moments:

First, there’s the “my butt’s been wiped” thing:

Yeah, that was weird. In any case, here’s number two (pun intended), where Brandon starts rambling about how black kids would sit on his lap and feel his leg hair. While normally I’d include the actual video of Brandon rambling, the cartoon set to his blabbering is so much better:

Oh, and Brandon’s pool stories would be very incomplete without his discussion of defeating the infamous Corn Pop:

And while we’re talking about people of Corn Pop’s heritage, the Brandon compilation would be incomplete without an inclusion of Biden’s recent “Great Negro” comment:

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And while old topics are being discussed, how can we not include Brandon forgetting one of the most famous lines from the Declaration of Independence? Watch that here:


And those are just 5 of the funniest ones. There are many, many more. President Brandon has no idea what’s going on. Maybe they’ll corral him back into his basement now so that he can eat oatmeal without saying other embarrassing things.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.