Watch: Mental Meltdown? Aides Force Out Reporters after Brandon Can’t Answer a Question and Stares Blankly

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In a recent, disturbing video, President Brandon’s brain appears to stop functioning after a reporter asked him a tough question about Russia and Ukraine. Watch him here:

In the video, you can see him refuse to answer questions and blankly stare as the reporters are forced out by his aides. It’s painful to watch.

What’s so bad is that there’s no comforting explanation.

On one hand, Biden could be in a position where it wants to answer questions, but can’t because he’s senile. Given that most Americans think his brain isn’t working and that “Dr.” Jill has now had to go on air twice to say that he’s not, that possibility is certainly likely.

The other is that he’s taken after the dictators his Covid tyrants seem to admire so much and is simply refusing to answer questions and relying on force to keep reporters from asking him questions he doesn’t want to answer. As Red Paper News put it:

Um… is Joe Biden taking his leadership pointers from third-world dictators? We’d expect this kind of thing in Venezuela, not in the United States. But Biden’s administration has become so non-transparent, he’s using thugs to prevent reporters from asking basic questions.

[…]We know why this happened, though. Biden’s handlers often tell him what to say. They hand-pick reporters, to make sure they only ask what they want. Because, whenever Biden has tried to answer off the cuff, it’s a major disaster.

So, either Brandon is too senile to answer questions or he knows that a generally subservient press won’t question him, so he can get away with refusing to answer questions if he so desires.

The third possibility is that both are the case. That is, that Brandon’s staff know his brain tends to melt when he’s not spoon-fed answers to questions, so they instructed him to just sit there silently until the reporters are cleared from the room.

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Whatever the explanation, the video is disturbing. Either president is either a senile foo or an aspiring tinpot dictator, or some combination thereof. Yikes.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Trending Politics

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