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Meme of the Day: Brandon Isn’t Paying Attention

I know, I know. It’s probably unfair to expect a senile, career apparatchik to notice, much less care about, the problems that the common man faces. Such luminaries as Biden, towering, coastal elites that live far beyond the means of the common man and thus have totally different concerns, can’t be expected to care about the problems their serfs are facing. Especially when their brain cells are too worn out to tell shit from Shinola, as Biden’s are.

But still, you’d think one of the younger leftists in Brandon’s Administration could at least pretend to care. We all know they don’t actually care in the slightest, but the slightest touch of feigned concern sure would be nice.

However, that’s not what we’re getting. Instead, the self-obsessed, completely incompetent elite is cranking the late empire vibes up to 11 by pairing its sneering, contemptuous attitude with incompetence of the worst degree.

Take how different members of Team Brandon responded to various inflation concerns recently.

When asked about rapidly rising gas prices, the head honcho, Brandon, had this to say:

There are various, semi-adequate responses he could have given to the gas crisis. “Did ya ever think gas prices would get this high?” is not one of them, especially when his administration is waging jihad against energy producers.

Then there was Kamala’s sad attempt to explain away inflation…by saying prices are higher…

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She says “groceries, the cost of groceries has gone up, the cost of gas has gone up.” Yes, VP Elagabalus. We understand what inflation is; it means prices rise because the currency is worth less. We don’t need your bumbling, obviously uninformed attempt to explain it. We want you idiots to stop spending money like drunk sailors and to start tyring to tackle the inflation problem.

But, such a wish is entirely unrealistic, of course. When asked if more oil would be  pumped to lower prices, Brandon’s energy secretary started laughing:

“You peasants want to heat your homes and drive your cars? How hilarious!” Thus spoke the court eunuch of a Late Empire, degenerate emperor. Not exactly confidence-inspiring.

In fact, one could say the whole Brandon Administration is taking a “let them eat cake” approach to the inflation crisis. Hopefully, that will end as well for them as it did for the Bourbons.

Why is that? It’s because they view you with contempt. It’s not just that they’re bad at their jobs, though that’s certainly true, it’s that they really don’t care about you or the problems their policies create for you.

Did regulations destroy your business? Well, that’s the cost of modern society. Are green energy policies making your travel costs rise or destroying your energy-dependent business? Well, we have to appease Mother Earth and the angry sun monster. Is inflation wiping out your bank account? You’re lucky to have a bank account; many of the “oppressed” don’t.

And on and on it goes. They have similar responses for everything else: it was more important for Mayor Pete to play house than deal with the port crisis, more important to not look racist than defend the border, more important to preserve the “safety net” (read: welfare hammock) than strengthen the economy, etc. They care about ideology, not solving problems or addressing your concerns.

They don’t care about you. They don’t want to make your life better. They just want to put their policies into action. Environmentalism, leftist ideology, equity, all of it takes precedence to the concerns, needs, and worries of the average voter. That’s just how leftists roll.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.