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Meme: Did You Mean that Brandon is Ruining the Country

No, friends, Joe Biden isn’t running the country. That would imply some degree of confidence, reasonableness, understanding of what’s going on, and plan for the future that simply isn’t there. Nothing of note is rattling around in Brandon’s mind other than a vague outline of what’s going on in his Matlock reruns and what type of ice cream he got to lick that afternoon. There’s no plan, vision, or competence there.

So, what is he doing? Well, President Brandon is ruining the country, not running it. Don’t believe me? Well just look at all of the things Brandon has gotten himself into since he found himself sitting in 1600 Penn one cold day (far too cold for ice cream) in January. None of them imply any degree of human ability that would make “running” the right word. All show the incompetence required for him to be ruining the country.

Take the illegal immigration issue, for one. This year, approximately 2.1 million illegal immigrants will have rushed across the border. Thousands more are headed our way in a single caravan from Central America. When they get here, most are simply released into the heartland. Oh, and despite the administration’s jab mandate, those illegals are hardly all vaxxed. Many are not. Brandon doesn’t care, they’re released anyway.

Does that sound like he’s “running things,” or like he’s “ruining things?” Roman history might be a helpful perspective. The good Emperors, the ones who ran the empire, stopped the barbarian hordes at the border. Marcus Aurelius spent the majority of his time as princeps fighting the German barbarians. Hadrian built a big, beautiful wall. Trajan conquered new territories from them and prevented any from crossing the Rhine.

The late emperors, the ones that ruined the empire? Not so much. Goths, Huns, and others flooded across the Rhine, demanding food and treasure. Like Brandon, the bad emperors responded by giving it to them. The result was the sack of Rome in 410 and again in 476. Remind you of what’s happening now? It should. Brandon’s a drooling, ice cream-eating Elagabalus, who Adrian Goldsworthy described as “an incompetent, probably the least able emperor Rome had ever had.” Yeah, sounds like Brandon.

But if that one doesn’t suit your fancy, let’s look at supply chain issues. Once again, Brandon certainly isn’t running things. That would imply that goods are moving efficiently and the government’s policies haven’t screwed everything up. Well, that’s certainly not the case. Goods are getting more expensive and more scarce, the guy who’s supposed to be handling the government’s side of this has been playing house with his husband and adopted kid, and Brandon hardly has any idea what’s going on. His “plan” is to fine those trying to unsnarl the supply chain. That’ll fix things…not!

You could look at any other issue and reach the same conclusion: Brandon is ruining the country, not running it. To combat inflation, he’s pretending it doesn’t exist and pushing for trillions in new spending and money printing. To combat a weak economy, he’s pushing higher taxes and yet more D.C. diktats. To combat terrorism, he left billions of dollars in weapons behind for the Taliban. Oops.

Trump called all this. Back during the election, he saidIf you want a vision of your life under a Joe Biden Presidency, imagine the smoldering ruins of Minneapolis, the violent anarchy of Portland, and the bloodstained sidewalks of Chicago coming to every citizen and town in America.” Sounds accurate to me. With all these issues, we might as well be living in the burned-out husk of Rome after the last Western emperor.

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By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.