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Meme of the Day: Brandon is a…

If you sat on a copier pantsless (please don’t), what would the printed out image look like? Chances are, at lot like Brandon!

And no, censors at Facebook, Twitter, etc., that’s not a comment on his physical appearance, something that apparently we’re not allowed to criticize anymore. Rather, it’s a comment on the fact that Brandon is a complete ass.

Who else but an ass like Brandon would brag about the cost of gas going down by two cents…after it just went up by a $1.50?

Who else would be so dumb as to run away from the Taliban, leave Americans stuck in that Dark Agesesque hellhole, and then go on TV to brag about how effectively the US pulled out tens of thousands of unvaxxed and uninvestigated Afghanis that may or may not be terrorists or thugs (one of them raped a kid almost immediately after arriving in the US).

Who else would continually try to institute some of the most stringent jab mandates we’ve seen yet and then walk around maskless with a cold?

Who else, when seeing prices are rising rapidly, would brag that hotdogs have decreased in price by 16 cents?

Who else, when commenting on rising gas prices would, rather than do something productive, say “Did you ever think gas prices would get this high?”

Who else would say the riches aren’t paying their fair share in taxes and then spend Thanksgiving in a friend’s hugely expensive beach house?

Hell, even Obama, who I (naively) thought would be the worst president in my lifetime didn’t do many of those things! Brandon is somehow worse than Obama! And that’s really saying something, because Obama was a complete ass. Just not as complete as Brandon, I suppose.

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Now, perhaps Biden would be less bad if he weren’t a dementia patient (though I doubt it, then he’d just have more energy with which to screw up America). But he’s still responsible for his actions and the actions of his White House. And boy has he screwed it up royally.

Take some time to think about everything else Team Brandon has done. From the Afghanistan retreat to rising gas prices to inflation to Hunter’s selling out America to help China, has any of it benefitted you in the slightest? Or, rather, has it all just made your life even worse? Has Biden upheld the duties of the office of the president honorably and faithfully, or has he made a complete ass of himself?

Given that he’s polling lower than a romp in the hay with Hillary Clinton would go for at an auction, I have a feeling that a supermajority of Americans would find the latter option more accurate in both cases…he’s made your life worse and an ass of himself.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.