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Uh-Oh Brandon: GOP Reps DEMAND Investigation into the Biden Family’s China Ties

Brandon’s family, according to Red Handed by Peter Schweizer, took millions upon millions of dollars from Red China, selling out the American heartland and American people in exchange for money stolen from the Chinese people. Or, at least, that’s the allegation.

Normally, such accusations are a flash in the pan. They detonate on social media and rile people up, but then the next crisis comes along seven minutes later and all is forgotten.

Fortunately for America and unfortunately for the Brandon family, this accusation might lead to more than that. In fact, it could lead to a special counsel investigation of Joe Biden.

At least, that’s what House GOP conference chairwoman Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) told Breitbart News, saying:

The Bidens have lied about their illegal and unethical conflicts of interest for too long. The evidence of Hunter Biden’s corrupt business dealings, particularly with Communist China, his shady involvement in international affairs and art scandal is mounting, but still the Attorney General shamefully has not called for a special counsel.

Make no mistake. This is a problem for Joe Biden and the whole Biden family, and they have been in hiding for too long. They must provide full transparency to the American people.”

Similarly, Rep. Madison Cawthorne, the young conservative firebrand from North Carolina, threw his support behind a special investigation of Brandon and his family, telling Breitbart:

“Just imagine how the left-wing legacy media would be losing their collective minds if one of President Trump’s sons had engaged in one-tenth of the corruption Hunter Biden has. We should absolutely have a special counsel investigate Hunter Biden.

The New York Post stood up to censorship, slander, and abuse for simply reporting the Hunter Biden laptop story.”

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Cawthorne’s reference is to the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop, which contained numerous highly suspicious and likely incriminating emails and pictures, many of which related to his business dealings with corrupt Chinese bureaucrats or his drug use.

While a special counsel would certainly be able to investigate Hunter and his corrupt business activities, that might not even be necessary.

Why? Because Hunter is already under investigation, with the IRS probing JP Morgan and requesting copies of documents having to do with whatever Hunter was up to in China and the tax dollars that he might not have paid while collecting bags of cash from Chinese and Ukrainian oligarchs.

In fact, the IRS is demanding that JP Morgan Chase produce “all records, documents and accounts” having to do with Hunter Biden and his connections to four individuals and a number of Chinese banks and financial institutions.

It’s a sordid subject but an important one; the Biden family, Hunter especially but not exclusively, appear to have been involved in selling out their country to Red China, putting personal profits over their duties as Americans.

If the president has been involved in that or has been corrupted by it, the American people deserve to know. Whether they find out via special counsel or IRS investigation doesn’t matter; all that matters now is the truth and limiting the damage.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.