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Meme of the Day: Which is More Believable

Which would you find more believable: that the senile president, Brandon, is able to do a good job in anything, or that Santa is real? Now, despite loving the Lord of the Rings, I’m no believer in elves, but I still find stories of elves working away in Santa’s workshop far more believable than the idea that Brandon is even semi-cognizant, much less totally competent.

Just look at his gaffes and look at how he has handles things. Has any of it been a success? No! Not at all.

Costs are rising precipitously (despite what the idiots say about a 2 cent drop in gas prices), our foreign policy is in disarray, and hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, many of them drug dealers and vicious criminals, are flooding across the border.

Does that sound like success to you? Does it sound like we have an even marginally president in charge?

The answer is “No, not at all.” Our president is about as competent at governing as a sack of potatoes is at creating the atom bomb. Imagining Brandon at the levers of power gives me chills.

Just think of what will happen if he finds out those pesky Russkies are responsible for his shipment of double-chocolate chip ice cream being delayed! We could end up fighting a nuclear war due to a temper tantrum while he watches reruns and lets drool dribble down his chin and chest.

So, come Christmas time, many might want to finally tell their kids that Santa isn’t real. But, before you do so as a way of pushing childish, incoherent thoughts out of their heads, just think about the sad fact that there are adults who, somehow, look at what Brandon is doing and somehow reach the conclusion that he’s doing a good job.

Just think about that for a minute. Even with his record-low approval rating, 36% of your countrymen still have a positive view of Brandon. How? I don’t know, literally everything he does reeks of corruption and failure. From China policy to Covid to economic matters, Joe and his two functional brain cells have proven even worse than expected.

But, despite that, there are still people that think he’s doing a good job, which more or less proves the probably-apocryphal Winston Churchill quotation that “the best argument against democracy is a 5-minute conversation with the average voter” correct. For only the ill-informed dunces of America could vote for someone like Brandon and still think that he’s doing a good job.

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So, just remember that when you want to laugh at someone that still believes in Santa…

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.