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Meme of the Day: The Brandon Administration Ain’t Doing Well

Biden’s approval rating is falling like a rock, decreasing perhaps faster than the synapses in his brain are breaking.

As a result, the leftists in the MSM are doing everything they can to help out.

NBC is trying to cover for Bidenflation, saying that you can avoid Thanksgiving inflation by buying spaghetti instead of a turkey. CNN has provided so much covering fire for Team Brandon that viewers have ditched it in droves; as a result, it’s gonna have to fire most of its on-air “talent.” The others still rant about Trump, hoping their attacks on him will push viewers away from criticizing Brandon and toward remembering how much they disliked the bad orange man for being mean and bad and orange.

Unfortunately for them, no number of old, mean tweets they dredge up can cover the fact that Brandon sucks at being president. Sure, he might not say as many hilariously savage things on Twitter, which makes pearl-clutching losers like Liz Cheney and Meghan McCain feel better about lacking anything resembling a backbone. But, other than that (or, in our view, including that), America is worse off in literally every way now that Brandon is in charge.

The economy was booming under the bad orange man, despite continued media attacks. Under Brandon, it’s performing about as well as his brain. And that’s not well…

Under the bad orange man,  inflation stayed well below 2%. Though 0% would have been better, at least your dollars weren’t losing value like Brandon’s brain is losing synapses. Now, we’re at 6% and rising with no end in sight! The media can try to cover for that by saying hot dogs are a nickel cheaper all they want, but Americans know the truth: inflation is rising under slow Joe.

Then there’s the military. Under Trump, it was doing great again. He kept it out of new wars, rebuilt readiness, refocused it on the Red Chinese threat, and did his best to reform the military into an organization that could win. Under Brandon, it lost in Afghanistan and became fully committed to wokeness. Americans are pissed and the media can’t hide its shortcomings.

Oh, and don’t forget Brandon’s brilliant plan to call Kyle Rittenhouse a white supremacist. That backfired on him and might cost him a lot of money. Once again, it’s something the leftist media can’t hide.

As the meme implies, the ship of state, headed by the brainless Team Brandon, is on fire and sinking. Everything is going poorly and the complete collapse is visible to pretty much everyone. It’d be like a Carnival Cruise ship burst into flame in New York Harbor; everyone would know. So, try as they might to put out the fire by reporting lies and blaming the bad orange man, the media can’t do a thing about it. Americans know the truth; Brandon sucks. No amount of lies can cover up his many failings.

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And that’s why the polls are finally reflecting reality. Mr. 82 million votes is now Mr. 36% approval rating. Americans despise him (though not as much as they despise Cackling Kamala), and with good reason; he’s turned their once-great nation into what the bad orange man would likely (correctly) call a shithole country. Even the experienced liars on CNN, MSNBC, and trash websites like Vox and Huffington Post can’t cover that up.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.