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Conservatives Should Boycott Leftist Companies in 2020

Why Conservative Need to Boycott Leftist Companies

You might be asking, “why should we boycott leftist companies? Aren’t companies generally conservative?” And in asking that, you wouldn’t be alone. Many of us still suffer from the delusion that corporations are right-leaning. We think of the glory days of American capitalism, where the martini-drinking and steak-eating executives joked about in But Enough about You built massively successful companies in America and donated to Republican causes so that their taxes would stay low and regulation would be kept at bay. The network set up by the Koch brothers was a good example of that. But that is no longer the case.

Now, corporations are run of, by, and for leftists and actively work against both conservatives and America. So, because of that sea change in how corporations are run and by whom they are run, it is time for conservatives to boycott leftist companies.

Now, I know that might not seem like a conservative thing to do. While we all might secretly want to boycott leftist companies like Starbucks and Netflix, we also are pro-business and don’t want to meddle and negatively impact the stock market. We’re the pro-business party, after all, and leftists are the ones that boycott business, not us! They’re the ones behind the boycott and divest from Israel project and we are the ones that lambast and lampoon that movement.

But things have changed. American is being destroyed by leftist corporations; through the corporate donations they make and the causes they support, big businesses are destroying America. We’ve most recently seen that with Twitter covering up the fact that the Hunter Biden emails are real. As a result, we conservatives need to boycott leftist corporations.

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How Leftist Companies are Destroying America

Just think of what they have done in the past few months. Companies like Bank of America have fully supported and bow down to the Marxist Black Lives Matter organization. Goodyear lets employees wear pro-Democrat and pro-LGBTQ apparel and accessories but forbids conservatives from wearing anything even remotely political, including pro-police apparel or accessories. Starbucks has similar policies. Netflix, with its release of the horrific, disgusting movie “Cuties,” has helped the left normalize pedophilia. And many, many companies force their employees to listen to cultural Marxists expound on “white racism” and other idiocy during diversity training sessions. Most corporations are not at all conservative- they are openly leftist.

In terms of what I think is the worst of those- the funding of BLM- hundreds of American corporations are involved. Walmart, Target, Bank of America, Ubisoft, Etsy, Lululemon, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and many more are donating to the evil, cop-killing, terrorist organization known as Black Lives Matter. There are many more, but I won’t list them here as the article would grow far too long. Just know that most major brands are helping fund the violence and chaos that has enveloped our cities as of late.

But that is not the only reason that conservatives need to boycott leftist companies. It is not just that they are attacking our nation’s culture, they are also working against it on the global stage.

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The first way is the most obvious. Many corporations, from manufacturers to tech companies like Apple, have outsourced hundreds of thousands, if not millions or tens of millions, of jobs to enemy nations like China that we should be decoupling from. They have destroyed our domestic economy and built up the economies of nations like China that want to destroy us and our way of life.

And those leftist companies openly work against America’s national security interests- Apple won’t unlock phones so the FBI can find terrorists, Google employees will build technology for China that makes it easier for China to run its concentration camps but refuse to build AI tools for the US military, and companies openly lobby for the lowering of trade restrictions that are meant to protect vital American industries.

In short, conservatives need to boycott leftist corporations because those leftist corporations are ruining America. Whether by helping push forward culturally Marxist ideas like critical race theory or funding Marxist causes like Black Lives Matter, they are ruining our culture. And, even worse, whether by lobbying, shipping jobs overseas, or working for enemy governments, those same leftist companies are working to hurt America’s national interests and help China’s. Those are the general reasons why I think it is time for conservatives to boycott leftist companies. We need to stop them from destroying America with their corporate virtue signaling and anti-American policies.

boycott leftist companies

How Conservatives Can Boycott and Fight Against Leftist Companies

How can you do that? How can you be a patriot and boycott leftist companies so that they feel some pain and abandon their support of anti-American causes?

Well, the first step is to find alternatives.

Buy Black Rifle Coffee rather than Starbucks. It is just as good, if not better, and it is owned by patriots rather than America haters. Use DuckDuckGo as your search engine, not Google. Your data will be more secure and you won’t be funding programs for Chinese concentration camps.

Find alternatives to the clothing and goods stores like Target and Walmart that are funding leftist causes.

When you go out to eat, eat at local restaurants owned by conservatives rather than fast-food restaurants that donate to evil leftist causes. For banking, use a local bank whose owners you know and trust, not a bank like Bank of America that uses the profits it makes on your money to fund the Marxist BLM organization.

There are alternatives if you want to boycott leftist companies. They’re not even that hard to find or use instead of leftist companies, you just have to remember to do so. And by deciding to boycott leftist companies and use conservative ones instead, you’ll be helping people that think like you and love America earn an honest living.

The other way to boycott leftist companies and start fighting back against their anti-American agenda is to start calling them out on their lies and anti-American actions.

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Call your Congressman or a Senator and demand that they break up Big Tech. Sure, that’s not a free market solution, but it will limit the influence leftists have over us.

If offered a job at a leftist company, don’t work there. Work somewhere with a conservative bent. Starve them of talent.

Point out that it is morally wrong for corporations to donate to any cause for the reason that Milton Friedman lays out in Capitalism and Freedom– the job of a company is to maximize shareholder returns, so corporations have no business donating to anything that does not positively impact their returns. How is donating to a Marxist organization that hates and burns down businesses something that will maximize shareholder returns? It sounds like they are not acting in accordance with their purpose and need to be sued for improperly using shareholder profits.

And, perhaps most effectively, advocate against and call out companies that are acting in an anti-American manner. Tell people what Google is doing in China. Show them how the NBA is complicit in the stifling of dissent in Hong Kong and abuse of children at NBA facilities in China. And let no one forget about the hitmen Coca Cola hired, the sweatshops Nike runs, and the horrific conditions in Apple’s factories in China.

Those companies need to be punished for their inhumane actions and held to their own standard of institutional justice. If we conservatives decide to boycott leftist companies, we will start the process of punishing them and then politicians will see the political benefits of doing the same.

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It might sound odd for me to say that conservatives should boycott leftist companies. As I recognized earlier, we are the pro-business side of America.

But the simple fact is, most of America’s corporations are acting in ways that hurt America. From outsourcing to donating to Marxist groups like BLM, many of our companies are weakening America. Something needs to be done about that. We need to stop those companies from destroying America even more.

As individuals, we cannot regulate those companies. We can’t fine them or punish them in any real way. But, if we decide to boycott leftist companies, we can hurt their profits and share prices. We can teach them a lesson that they won’t soon forget.

And boycotts, unlike the actions of the leftist companies that we should boycott, are not un-American. Read The Coming of the Revolution or A Struggle for Power. One of the most effective tactics the colonies used against British Imperial power before the beginning of the American Revolution was to boycott British manufacturers. By avoiding their products, we severely hurt British companies, who, in turn, forced the government to stop harassing the colonies for awhile and cut back on some taxation schemes. They also helped spur the development of colonial industry.

If we conservatives decide to boycott leftist companies, we will be following in the footsteps of the Founding Fathers.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, deciding to boycott leftist companies would work. Boycotts, whatever your opinion of them is, are quite effective. The bus boycott of the Civil Rights Era worked. The leftist boycott and embargo of South Africa worked. The Founding Fathers’s boycott of British products worked. Boycotts are effective; that is why conservatives should boycott leftist companies.

We are in a culture war. Conservatives, for some reason, seem unwilling to go to the next level and actually engage in it. Now is the time to do so and start fighting the culture war with the goal of winning it- you can do so by deciding to boycott leftist companies.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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