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Why Conservatives Should Boycott Democrat Companies

An Explanation: Why Conservatives Should Boycott Democrat Companies

In recent weeks, I have posted a series of articles on what woke companies conservatives should boycott and how they can do so. Big Tech and many other leftist companies, mainly in the entertainment and banking industries, make up the majority of those. However, I do not think I provided an adequate explanation of why they should do so.

In most cases, the explanation should be self-evident. Big Tech companies censor conservatives, many companies donated to BLM, a radical Marxist organization that set America alight for months, and others have been overtly anti-conservative or anti-American in outlook. In my view, it makes no sense to continue to support them.

Yet, to some, the logic of that is not apparent. They stick with their bank, hold their nose and enjoy Starbucks coffee, or buy Gillette razors despite the anti-male advertisements that Gillette put out.

The Anti-Masculinity Gillette Ad

Why is that? I think it’s because they understand neither the stakes nor what good outcomes a boycott can accomplish. In this article, I will explain the importance of this situation and why a boycott will lead to positive, rather than negative, outcomes.

Why Fighting the Culture War by Deciding to Boycott Democrat Companies is Important

Conservatives have lost ground in the culture war. Most institutions, other than perhaps the judiciary, have been captured by the forces of the left. Our universities have become beacons of Marxism, the bureaucracy has been overtaken by leftists, the corporate boardrooms of many companies focus more on social justice statements and diversity initiatives than increasing profits, and real conservatives have been largely shut out of the mainstream media.

Because of that takeover, the left has far more cultural power than the right. Universities discriminate against conservative students and indoctrinate pupils with leftism while companies use their bully pulpit to spew SJW nonsense and silence conservatives. We’re now at a point where a CEO who looks like a hipster version of Rasputin and another who can’t even hold a normal conversation can silence the online voice of the president of the United States.

Perhaps worse, by colluding and acting in a cartel-like manner, those same companies can prevent conservative competitors from competing, as the attack on Parler showed.

Financial, legal, and technology services deserted it because a few large companies, Amazon, Apple, and Google, told them to do so. That concentration of power in a few corporate behemoths should be terrifying.

We are rapidly approaching a stage where conservatives are not only cut out of the academic and mainstream corporate realm, but from society entirely- banks, financial service providers, and legal services all now discriminate on the basis of political belief.

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That concentration of power and use of it to advance a leftist agenda is why it conservatives should boycott Democrat companies. Their power comes from their purse.

They can spend their money on advertising leftist causes, donate it to Democrat politicians, or use it to fund leftist-leaning think tanks. Leftist corporations and executives, their exchequers and wallets full of cash from their immense operations, use their money to move America to the left.

Google, Facebook, JP Morgan Chase, and others are all-powerful only because they have sizable revenues and cash reserves. Without that cash, their power would dissipate. Companies bow to the whim of Google not because they want to, but because they have to in order to survive. Facebook can afford to censor the president and anger people only because it has the power to do so granted by the cash in its purse.

A decision by conservatives to boycott Democrat companies would impair that power to some extent, at least.

Some 74 million Americans voted for Trump. They doubtless have friends and family members that might have found Trump distasteful enough that they didn’t vote for him, but are also horrified by social media censorship and the power of monopolistic corporations.

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If a large swathe of those people decided to boycott Democrat companies and switch to their competitors, then that would severely damage the finances of those companies.

Here are the stakes: if we conservatives decide to boycott Democrat companies, then we might have a chance of turning the tide in the culture war by hitting them where it hurts- in the wallet. However, if we back down and don’t boycott them, but instead continue to spend our hard-earned money on products that fill the purses of leftists and their donors, then the culture war might be lost.

That battle over money was readily apparent in the last election; Trump and Republicans were outspent almost two to one.

For example, Michael Bloomberg spent over a billion dollars this election cycle to advance leftism. From where does his money come? The banks that pay for his service. If we boycott them, and Bloomberg’s companies, then neither they nor he will have money to spend on Democrat causes and elections. If we don’t he’ll just keep spending billions on supporting leftism.

Similarly, Zuckerberg spent $400 million on the past election, specifically on election resources. If we boycott Facebook, his means to do so in the future will be limited.

And so on and so forth. Leftist billionaires and Democrat-controlled companies are able to spend prodigious sums on their pet causes because so many people, right and left, support their companies and the companies that work with theirs.

Those scary donation numbers are what is at stake in our decision to either boycott Democrat companies or continue to shy away from doing so.

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Why Conservatives Should Not Shy Away from Deciding to Boycott Democrat Causes: Boycotts Lead to Positive, not Negative, Outcomes

When the Civil Rights protesters boycotted the bus system in Montgomery, Alabama, what did they hope to accomplish? Were they trying to destroy the bus line? No, they were fighting to change wrongheaded, immoral policies. They didn’t want to tear apart the bus line, they just wanted to be treated equally and force the segregationist policies to change.

The situation today is much the same. Yes, history doesn’t repeat itself. But, as Mark Twain (perhaps apocryphally) said, it does often rhyme. This is a case where it is rhyming.

Most conservatives don’t want to tear apart Facebook, Google, Amazon, or any other company. Those companies have wrongheaded, discriminatory policies, but also provide excellent services. All we want is fair and equal access to those services. The way to get there is by boycotting them until they feel the monetary pain and change their policies to fair ones. Boycotts are an act that, if properly framed and executed, result in positive, rather than negative causes.

If more conservatives understood that, then I think that they would be less hesitant to boycott Democrat companies.

When I, or other conservatives, post articles on the need to boycott Democrat companies or avoid woke corporations, a common criticism is that doing so is no different than engaging in cancel culture, which is something that conservatives (rightly) revile.

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That is not the case. Cancel culture is all about burning down what exists for the sole purpose of causing harm. Take the case of Jimmy Galligan. He attacked Mimi Groves and ruined her life not to make anything good happen, but solely because he wanted to cause her harm. That is morally wrong.

Boycotting companies with which you disagree is different. A decision to boycott Democrat companies would cause them to change their policies for the better. It wouldn’t just cause someone to hurt, nor is its purpose to hurt anyone. The goal is to encourage Facebook and others to change their policies, not hurt Zuckerberg. That is the difference.

Finally, a positive outcome of a conservative effort to boycott Democrat companies would be, as was expressed in a recent article on the opportunities afforded by the culture war, would be that companies owned by Republicans have a chance to compete.

Take Parler, for example, it was (and will be, after it comes back online) a viable, pro-free speech alternative to Twitter. That’s a great thing. But it will only be possible if conservatives decide to boycott Democrat companies like Twitter and instead support ones that fit with their values. Corporatism is strangling small businesses, especially in the Covid Era. By boycotting the big leftist companies, we can fight both corporatism and leftism!

12 woke companies to avoid-boycott democrat companies
Some of the Democrat Companies to Boycott

Conclusion: Conservatives Need to Fight the Culture War by Boycotting Companies that Go Against Their Values

The culture war can and must be fought. It needs to be because politics are downstream of culture. If we lose the culture, we’ll continue to lose in the political arena.

One of the best, and most productive ways, to fight it is by boycotting companies with which we disagree. The stakes are high and the potential benefits of doing so are higher. We should no longer shy away from fighting back in the best way possible.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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26 thoughts on “Why Conservatives Should Boycott Democrat Companies”

  1. While totally agree, you must realize there can be a downside to canceling your credit cards because its with a lefty bank, for instance. And, for us in rural areas of the country, Amazon is many times the only place you can get a certain needed item.

    1. Yeah, well you can delete fakebook and quit using instagram, twatter, and all the other unnecessary crap from the left. Fakebook spent half a billion dollars to help throw the election, and conservatives just keep on giving to them, disgusting.
      The left uses your weakness to leverage you and you’re too dumb to even know or care.

      1. The interesting thing will be to see how the echo chambers of Twitter/Facebook fare in the future. They fraudulently invited us in to share our thoughts to create their network effects, but nop one would have begun if they would have told us upfront that in a few years, we will decide which of you can freely post.

        So the threat of Parlor for example, sent them into a panic because if the conservatives leave Twit FB, they cannot keep reprogramming us via their algorithms controlling our information flow. They realized they were not the monopoly their hubris led them to believe they were. So they used their monopoly power to shut the exits to conservatives.

        But the fact remains that there are alternatives, including Parlor (once it gets back), GAB, comment sections like this on sites like theconservativetreehouse and zerohedge. Then the lefties have a choice. Leave us to ourselves, or come over to confront us. If they confront us then those forums become the de facto marketplace of ideas, and Twit FB die off as once cool places, but not anymore.

    2. Ebay is a good alternative to Amazon for finding items, too. And while looking around in Amazon is free, I will use it to compare between different brands. Then, I’ll go to the brand site and spend there.

      I use a credit union and get their cards. My personal policy is no banks, and has been forever.

      1. Good policies! To me, Amazon is a great way of promoting certain reading materials and conservative products, but they should be bought, if possible, from anywhere else!

  2. That headline must be a joke or sarcasm! I mean look to the left of the box you type comments in. What do you see? Links to twatter, fakebook, pinterest, and they have the gall to tell conservatives to boycott liberal companies. Is the hypocrisy lost on everybody? Just how stupid can a website get telling people to boycott the very crap they are promoting.
    Remove those links and you might have a shred of credibility.

    1. You do realize these ads pay a fee to this website so his traffic will see them.
      Let them waste their money paying for ad space we all ignore.

      1. I got rid of Google Ads. They’re links to companies I selected so as to avoid far-left companies and I only get paid if people buy products from them.

  3. There’s a tool created by conservatives for conservatives called second vote. It gives you the ability to choose companies more aligned with your values over leftist companies. Spend your money with companies that don’t hate you and have a second vote.
    **I’m not affiliated with this organization, just one person who loves America spreading the word to others.

    1. Thanks for letting us all know about that tool! Will be using it in the future and might write an article about it if it works well!

  4. Physician, heal thyself. I see Facebook and Twitter links on this page, and even linked to my login.

    1. That’s something that’s built-in and I’m trying to get rid of it. I’m not tech savvy, so it’s hard for me to figure out how to get rid of certain features. But have no fear, they will be gone!

  5. Our government helped most of those BIG Tech companies get their starts by helping fund them.

    In other words our taxpayer money helped those leftists grown huge and now they screw us in many ways. Imagine that, would ya??

  6. The list of companies to avoid (plus anything China) is so extensive that it’s difficult to do. How about a list of neutral and pro-conservative companies (besides Goya Foods and MyPillow)?

  7. I agree. But you need to look at your own web site. You have 5 scripts running from Google. One from Amazon, twitter, pinterest, reddit, etc. I no longer use google. I will not buy from amazon etc.

  8. You are living in some kind of other reality if you believe that you can just opt out of the system. There is nothing, absolutely nothing you can do to avoid giving money to people that hate you short of moving to a different country. Your taxes will fund transgender surgeries. Your local grocery store almost certainly either donates to BLM directly or cuts paychecks to those who do. I’m typing right now on a laptop with Windows 10 installed and I believe Bill Gates is one of the most evil men to have ever been born. True boycotts are impossible and frankly pointless. Hundreds of millions will continue to cement the power of the oligarchs who rule us regardless of what a few outraged conservatives do. Their views will never change. I say this that you might not spend mental energy worrying about such things. Make a note to buy from Goya and Mypillow, get a Gab account and move on with your life.

    1. Nothing will be perfect, some of your dollars will inevitably end up in their hands. But why is it a bad thing to at least try and fight back in what ways we can?

  9. perhaps there should be several other choices for sharing…I don’t want to use google or FB. How about MeWe? in sharing to FB we are shooting ourselves in the food. I’m not entirely certain why it would allow me to pin it on Pinterest either.

  10. It will only make an impact if people like you would get on board. Whenever big mouth libs make themselves known, I boycott. Got a whole list. Somebody has to try

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