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Boycott Big Tech: The Best Way for Conservatives to Fight Back

Why I Think a United Effort to Boycott Big Tech is the Best Way for Conservatives to Push Back Against the Leftists

In my past articles, I have perhaps not been realistic enough about the intentions of America’s Silicon Valley oligarchs. I deplore crony capitalism and corporatism, as I have written about recently, but also am skeptical of the morality and efficacy of making lists of enemies (like AOC did) and trying to regulate or boycott them.

However, sometimes enough is enough. When the BLM riots began and companies started funding those riots, I called for a boycott of all companies that donated to BLM, that horrible Marxist organization. Now, with Big Tech and social media censorship worse than ever, I think conservatives need to unite and boycott Big Tech. Doing so is, perhaps, the only way we can make our voices heard.

In this article, I will discuss why and how you can boycott Big Tech companies. If you find it a useful article on how to fight the culture war, as we must do immediately, please share it on Parler!

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Why You Should Boycott Big Tech:

To me, “Big Tech” is usually the FAANG stocks + Twitter- Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google + Twitter. Those six companies are all run by leftists and largely follow the same pattern of behavior- they push leftist narratives or products and do their best to stifle conservative thought.

Those companies are all horrible, anti-American institutions. Note that I didn’t say un-American, but rather anti-American. It’s not just that they don’t abide by American values, it’s that they are actively opposed to those values.

The reason to boycott Netflix is obvious, but is different than the reason to boycott the other Big Tech companies. That reason is the horrific film Cuties, which glamorized pedophilia and was an attempt by the radical leftists at Netflix to normalize pedophilia. If you stand against pedophilia, then you need to boycott Netflix.

What is the reason to boycott the other companies- Facebook, Apple, Twitter, and Google? Their decision to stifle free speech and surveil us constantly.

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Social media censorship has been horrifically bad for a long time. Twitter, especially, censors posts, adds unnecessary “warnings” to conservative content and routinely erases conservative voices from the public square in a manner that would make Stalin’s KGB or Orwell’s “Big Brother” blush. For example, I was banned from Twitter on 1/8/2021 for doing nothing more than…I don’t know. They erased my account with no explanation. At the same time, President Trump, Sidney Powell, and Michael Flynn were also kicked off Twitter for defending conservatism.

And now the others are emulating Twitter. Facebook, in addition to censoring posts it doesn’t like, such as my article on John Roberts (potentially) visiting Epstein’s island, has now started banning groups and kicking people out of the public square that it provides. It banned pro-Trump groups, suspended the president’s account, and routinely kicks off conservatives for doing nothing more than expressing their opinions. Boycott Big Tech companies like Twitter and Facebook if you’re tired of seeing your fellow conservatives “disappeared” like one of the poor souls in The Gulag Archipelago.

boycott big tech
They even suspended Trump. We need to boycott Big Tech to stand up to those tyrannical censors!

Similarly, Google and Apple are doing their best to silence conservatives, as all leftists want to do. Both decided to remove Parler from their stores if it doesn’t bend the knee to the demands of the radical left. All the free-marketer proponents, when confronted with the topic of Big Tech censorship, say something dismissive and along the lines of “just build your own Twitter.” We did. And then Big Tech tried to erase it.

Plus, Google and Apple, like Facebook, routinely spy on you and sell your personal data as part of their surveillance capitalism business plans. If you’re uncomfortable with being spied on constantly, then you need to boycott Big Tech.

Amazon, in pulling its AWS servers from Parler, dealt a substantial blow to free speech in America.

I could go on and on about the reasons to boycott Big Tech. But those are the main ones. Netflix is peddling child pornography, Twitter and Facebook are silencing conservative speech, and Google and Apple are doing their best to prevent conservatives from finding alternative public squares to speak in and they spy on you.

Ronald Reagan once said, “If fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism.” He was right. And now it’s here, in the form of social media companies. They, like their European predecessors, silence dissenters, disappear political opponents, and do their best to ensure that only the party’s views are heard. Sure, there are no jackbooted thugs…yet. Well, other than the fascist Antifa thugs that Twitter, Facebook, Google, and the others did nothing to stop despite their routine calls for violence and hatred.

But even if there were, what else would they do besides send you to a gulag? Google, Facebook, and Apple spy on you 24/7. They disappear people and silence dissenters. If any government did all of that, it would be considered one of the most tyrannical on Earth. We conservatives need to start fighting back against that tyranny, even if it comes from companies rather than the government.

If you want to preserve your freedom, especially your right to free speech, and defend yourself from the fascist left, then you need to boycott Big Tech companies for the foreseeable future.

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How Conservatives Can Boycott the Big Tech Tyrants

Now for the hard part, how can you boycott Big Tech? It might be easy to see why you should do so, but the process might seem daunting. Well, despite their power, they don’t own everything yet. In this section, going company by company, I’ll discuss how you can boycott each and every tyrannical Big Tech company.

1. How to Boycott Facebook (and the Companies it Owns, such as Instagram)

Facebook might be the hardest company to boycott because there is no real alternative site. Yes, Parler exists, and it is excellent. But it’s a free speech version of Twitter, not Facebook. Facebook is in a league of its own, almost entirely because of how well-designed it was. That excellence makes it hard to avoid, as conservatives are generally drawn to excellence, but boycott we must, so boycott we shall.

To boycott Facebook and Instagram, you’ll obviously need to delete your accounts. Each account that logs off and never logs back on to Facebook is a major blow to the company, as the service only works well if everyone is on it.

But not having access to Facebook will pose challenges for most people. It is how you (probably) remember birthdays, look up people you don’t know but are going to meet, keep up with the lives of your acquaintances, and share information about politics, sports, or other topics.

However, once you start to look into it more closely, it’s not as essential as it seems. Just write down your friends’ birthdays and set them as reminders on your calendar. Share information on Parler. Text, call, or chat with your friends to keep up with them. If you’re going to meet someone and want to know more about them, just ask a mutual acquaintance. Facebook likes to paint itself as essential to your life, but it’s not. We got by before it and will get by without it if we boycott it as part of our effort to boycott Big Tech.

2. How to Boycott Apple

Apple is another one that might seem hard to boycott. Almost every American seems to use Apple devices, from phones to headphones to computers. Their products, like the service provided by Facebook, are also generally top notch. But to boycott Big Tech, we must boycott Apple. Its effort to restrict free speech by banning Parler is unforgiveable.

So, how can you boycott Apple? First, next time you get a new device, buy one made by a non-Big Tech company. Get a Dell laptop. Buy a Samsung phone rather than an Apple or Android. Use any other headphones- many brands are out there. Best of all, but a Clear Phone so that you don’t use Apple or Google iOS!

Sure, you won’t be able to use iMessage and your devices might not look as sleek. But you’ll be striking a blow in defense of free speech. That trade off is certainly worth it, or at least should be to freedom-loving Americans. Alternative products are out there and are just as good as those sold by Apple; you just have to look for them.

clear phone

3. How to Boycott Netflix

We all waste too much time watching inane trash on Netflix, so you’re welcome for this one. It’s an excuse to save some money and make more time in your schedule for reading, writing, exercising, or, if you must, just watching TV or movies via another platform.

To boycott Netflix as part of your effort to boycott Big Tech, just cancel your subscription. Then, if you must watch TV, do so on Amazon Prime or Hulu. It’s that easy. If you do so, then you’ll be helping fight against a company that pushes pedophilia.

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4. How to Boycott Google

Google, like Facebook, likes to pretend that it’s indispensable. It is fast, returns generally good search results (unless they’re about politics, in which case it is biased toward the left), and saves all your passwords.

But it’s even less important than Facebook. DuckDuckGo is an excellent search engine. Bing is fine too. If you use either of those alternatives, then you can avoid Google’s predatory practices and defend your right to privacy.

Alternatively, you can just use a VPN, which will protect your data and help you fight back against Google’s “surveillance capitalism” business model.

However, as the goal is to boycott Big Tech rather than to just protect your data, I would recommend using DuckDuckGo and an alternative to YouTube, such as Rumble, as doing so will help decrease the volume of people using Google.

Also, to avoid the Google iOS, order a Clear Phone!

As with all of these, decreasing the number of users is the best way to boycott Big Tech because it makes the platforms less useful for both advertisers and users.

5. How to Boycott Twitter

Twitter is undoubtedly the easiest Big Tech company to boycott. Just use Parler. Millions of patriotic Americans are using it now, most of the software bugs have been ironed out, and it won’t censor or disappear you like Twitter will.

It’s that easy. To boycott Twitter, just delete your account and then create one on Parler. You’ll be able to communicate with patriots and share information without fear of censorship.

6. How to Boycott Amazon

Amazon is the only one of these companies that I have an issue with boycotting. On one hand, it dealt a substantial blow against free speech when it pulled its AWS servers from Parler with little warning. But, on the other hand, it’s publishing arm and bookselling arm have helped establish many conservative authors and allow them to spread their views far more than they would otherwise be able to.

For that reason, I do not recommend a wholesale boycott of Amazon as part of an effort to boycott Big Tech. Rather, I recommend only boycotting AWS servers. I won’t ever use them for this website and I recommend that you do the same. However, I am still comfortable buying and advertising conservative books and products on Amazon, as selling those books helps conservative authors and is one of the best ways to spread the written word. By sticking to that strategy, I think we can punish AWS for its horrific decision but still support conservative authors.

Only By Boycotting Big Tech Can We Save America

Conservatives must boycott Big Tech companies. Those companies, the FAANG companies + Twitter, are tyrannical. They must be stopped.

If we boycott Big Tech, then we might be able to get them to backdown and reopen the public square. If not, then at least we will have found products to use that won’t use the money they make to destroy America.

Finally, one other thing everyone should do to boycott Big Tech is sell their stocks in those companies. If you’re an investor, you might be invested in some of those. They’ve delivered great returns. But they’ve used that money to fund evil causes. They silence conservatives, donate huge sums of money to Democrat causes, and invest in more of the infrastructure needed for surveillance capitalism. By starving them of investment dollars, we might both slow their growth and financially hurt them.

Boycott Big Tech by not investing in it and finding alternative services or products. If you do so, the America we know and love might be saved from the ravages of leftist corporatism.

By: Gen Z Conservative, @GenZConservative1 on Parler

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32 thoughts on “Boycott Big Tech: The Best Way for Conservatives to Fight Back”

  1. Avoid using phones with either Ios (apple) or Android (google) phones. Very difficult to do but has a new phone (Librem5) not based on any of these operating system and the company is focused on user privacy. They also have user services called Librem One with some basic services but includes a VPN. It will be hard but for those of us that never relied on these cheating tools be aware it can be done. Another youtube alternative is bitchute and posting site GAB is doing their best to keep up with recent growth. We need patience and investment into companies like this for them to overcome the growth spurt and leave those that want to live in a bubble behind.

    1. Thanks for letting us know about those! Last time I tried to use Gab I was harassed by neo-Nazis. Is it still like that?

    1. Yes. As soon as I have time, I will update the article to reflect that. Amazon made that decision after I published this article.

  2. I’ve been trying to get people to dump the garbage for years, but it just falls on deaf ears. Conservatives are weak and stupid and love to support the very people wanting to kill them. It shouldn’t take something like this for people to take a stand.
    It’ll never make a dent in the big tech revenue because there will only be a few people leave, the rest will continue to support the enemy and whine about what they’re doing.

    1. I would agree, and fully accept that I should have left Twitter, Facebook, etc. earlier. However, I do think we can significantly dent Twitter’s earnings. Its stock is down significantly and millions of users are fleeing it.

  3. MeWe is an excellent alternative to Facebook. Very similar interface so the switch is easy. It is a little lonely there. I have been trying for over a month now to get my 200+ FB friends to switch and I am slowly building a decent friend’s list on MeWe.

    I have not deleted my Facebook account yet because I still rely on it to keep up with family and close friends. But I only look at it once per day and I have not posted anything there for over a month except my MeWe link because what makes Facebook successful is the content that everybody provides. They are not getting any content from me except an advertisement for their competitor.

    1. I’ll check that one out. And that makes sense, it’s hard to fully transition away. But whatever we can do helps. Baby steps are certainly better than no steps at all, as anything that hurts these anti-free speech, anti-American companies is a good thing.

  4. Amazon Prime? No sir. That;s supporting amazon. if they have removed parler why would I even use Prime for movies?

    1. Good point with Prime, I would recommend unsubscribing from it, as it gives them revenue. I meant purely ordering books, shirts, etc. from conservative or libertarian sellers on the Amazon platform is not problematic. Aamzon makes little if any profit from those orders and they do far more to help conservatives than Amazon if ordered outside of Prime.

  5. I took your advice and just installed BRAVE on my laptop and phone. I really like it. I was using Firefox and Mozilla just called for even harsher de-platforming of conservatives which is unbelievable to me since they were the original open internet free speech advocates from way way back. No more Firefox for me. I had installed Firefox to get away from Google tracking my every click. BRAVE solves both problems and so far seems very fast and works perfectly. It is easy to sync to the phone.

  6. ConservativesAreYourFriends

    Great article! Thanks for the additional tips. We all need daily roadmaps to keep us connected, out of the leftist digital clutches & platforms. They want us scattered and disconnected! I have been a busy bee doing the following to boycott & get some privacy back:

    1. Dumped Google (replaced with DuckDuckGo)

    2. Added Brave for my browser

    3. Dumped Gmail (replaced with Proton email, after carefully researching best options for privacy)

    4. Adding VPN (going to add Proton’s FREE browser)

    5. Dumped Amazon (DELETED ACCOUNT, including losing out on $200+ left on my Amazon membership but I’m free again and feels so liberating not to enrich that awful man Bozo Bezos who shows bigotry against conservatives)

    6. Netflix – any alterative platforms? I want to dump but not sure where else I can find movies so open to ideas!

    7. Joined Parler – great news updates from conservative commentators and news outlets to stay INFORMED

    8. Joined Gab – ” ”

    9. Partly Dumped Facebook – deleted photos and posts, but have to stay on to update my client’s page; but NO ad clicking, no posts or photos

    Good cheers to all conservatives. It may seem grim out there, but we’re more united, more connected than ever. Fear not. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Dissenter is a stripped down version of Brave from Gab.

    I’ve only used it for about a day but had no problems importing bookmarks and pwords from FF. Works just fine with no problems thus far.

    One other product I use for email is Switched all of my gmail accounts over to protonmail.

  8. If you were harassed by Nazis, it means you were spouting stupid nonsense like “let’s boycott the Bolsheviks trying to wipe the white race off the planet because they think they are God’s chosen people! Boycotts will surely stop a race that has been trying to destroy white Christians for 2,000 years!”

  9. Social media is an addiction. A true, definable, clinically measurable addiction. Wean yourself from the narcotic of virtual life or get professional help. The only way to stop big tech is to make them poor and the only way to make them poor is to stop using their sheet.

    Talk to your neighbor. Visit family and friends. Make time to live a real life, not a virtual one. Cut the cable box. Go outside and play with your kids instead of watching sports on TV. Build a snowman, build a sand castle, take a hike, play catch, join the local school board, join the local gym, attend a town meeting. Make the time to live a real life locally.

  10. Why not engage in a Stockholder revolt? Anyone own any of these stocks? Any stockholder can propose a restriction on the actions of the management, and then it will be up to the stockholders to vote on it. Just making the suit may make them wake up. Perhaps an SEC action? Also, don’t wait for the government to sue on anti-trust grounds. Anyone who is harmed by monopolistic actions can sue for anti-trust enforcement. There are treble damages. Parler is hopefully using this technique.

    1. Parler is suing on anti-trust grounds. Frankly, I think that shareholder revolt should have happened a long time ago and am surprised that it hasn’t yet. But, the fact that it hasn’t makes me think that it never will because a majority of the stock is held by people who are anti-free speech

  11. In my small way I have already started. I notified Amazon and Marriott that I will no longer use their services or stay at their hotels. I have just dumped breitbart which incessantly “moderates” comments they do not like. Further, each advertiser on sites which censor us will be likewise notified I won’t buy their products. Look at Twitter. They are already diving and their stock is dropping. It works!

    1. Excellent! I think Breitbart generally does a good job though. It’s at least better than Fox. But, in any case, great job!

  12. Amazon is now boycotting Conservative books (check out Ron Martinelli’s book on BLM) so that blows your theory. Not that this is a book I’d buy but not offering it because you don’t agree with it is censorship!!! Cancel your PRIME membership. You can keep amazon to watch whatever digital you’ve purchased via Prime but you don’t have to shop there anymore and you sure as heck don’t need to keep Prime. Cancel Kindle. Cancel Music Unlimited and get Sirius XM. I’m Amazon cancelled.

  13. I would like to see target one specific company every month. Netflix for example.
    If some of of cancel every week as we get around to it, over the course of a few months, it doesn’t seem impactful.

    However, if we coordinate all our efforts to one target at a time, we would be heard. Imagine if 20 million americans canceled Netflix at one time!! Thats less than one out of 3 voters who voted Republican.
    And the next month 20 million people cancelled amazon prime.

    We have to focus our message .

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