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LOL: Boston Mayor Gets Humiliated During Live Instagram Q&A [Video]

While we on the right might frequently complain about social media, it’s indisputable that platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram make taking on the regime and showing that the Emperor has no clothes all the easier.

What used to be done in pamphlets, posters, and speaking halls can now be done all day, every day on social media. It’s a miracle for the left that anyone still believes their lies, a “miracle” that only exists, in all likelihood, thanks to their penchant for censorship.

That potential to destroy foolish leftists on social media was laid bare when Boston Mayor Michelle Wu, a leftist that must be particularly dumb to think this was a good idea, decided to do a live Instagram question and answer video. Yes, really.

For those that don’t grasp why that was a very, very bad idea, here’s why: in such videos, the audience can ask any question it wants (or post any comment they find funny), and the comment or question will pop up on the screen for all to see. No censorship, no regulation, just the much-hated mayor and whatever the Internet comes up with.

The result was as predictable as it was hilarious, watch it here:

Steven Crowder’s site went ahead and collected some of the best responses, such as:

  • “Why do you hate kids? Teachers? Cops? Firemen?”
  • “You discriminate. Period.”
  • “Why are you ruining our great city?”
  • “Why don’t you care about your people?”
  • “Leave Boston.”

Those are pretty tame for the Internet, but still harsh enough to get the job done and show the tyrannical mayor just what Bostonians think of her and her far-left policies: they ain’t happy.

Frankly, even if her policies hadn’t been bad, she’d deserve it. Anyone with half a brain knows not to do a live video like that if it’s open to the whole Internet: people can and will harass and embarrass you just for the fun of it, whatever you’ve done. if you’re someone like her that is near-universally despised, it’s an even worse idea.

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Twitter, once it got its hands on the video, was predictably enthused with the comments from the live video too. Here were some of the great comments:

The way she is looking desperately for at least a “hello.” I can’t believe this goofy person is their Mayor.

I couldn’t do it… about 10 seconds in, I started cringing. This is what happens when people who live in an echo chamber get exposed to the real world. #yikes

#Boston CLEARLY is not all about #Mandates.

I love those moments when you get to see a politicians face after they realize they won’t be reelected. Great stuff.

That look of slow realization …

internet is undefeated

Indeed the Internet is undefeated, and it will remain so. Whoever thought that defending unpopular policies on a livestream was a good idea needs to be fired immediately; there’s no way their brain isn’t softer than mashed potatoes or smoother than an apple.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.