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GOP Rep Slams Biden’s Border Policies as a “Dereliction of Duty”

Under Brandon, the southern border has been left wide open. In the first year of his presidency alone, perhaps as many as two million illegals flooded across the southern border, swamping the states and agencies tasked with receiving them and bringing drugs, crime, and disease with them.

Those who have to actually deal with the situation aren’t happy about it. It’s their cities and towns that have to handle the crime wave that comes with masses of millions flooding into small border towns. It’s those communities that have to bear the burden of Brandon’s insouciant attitude toward the invasion of America under the guise of mass migration.

Those communities, communities that were filled with hope by Trump and his tough on illegal immigration, “build the wall” policies, are sick and tired of bearing that burden and are now speaking out.

One such community member who’s now speaking out against Brandon’s seemingly pro-illegal immigration policies is GOP Rep. Roger Williams, a Texan who has seen the wages of illegal immigration and knows how harmful it can be to border states.

Appearing on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” Rep. Williams savaged Brandon and his open border policies, saying:

We had almost 2 million [apprehensions] this past year, and the way we’re going, we’re going to have 2 million more. It’s hard to say why this administration wants to do this.

I mean, we’re sending young men and women all over the world, but we’re not sending them to our border. We need people to come through the ports of entry — not between the ports of entry — realize the American Dream the right way. But when we start letting people in based on … warrants, I mean, my gosh, nobody hardly believes that when they begin to hear that.

So, this administration has a dereliction of duty, and it’s a real problem. And the problem, Maria, is nobody wants to admit it. 

You’ve got to come down here to see it. It’s like a movie picture when you see the way the Border Patrol is treated and the wall and everything else. Nobody can believe it. We need to adhere to the law.

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In those couple words, Williams brilliantly exposed what Biden is up to, what his actions represent, and how they’re harming America.

By opening the border to anyone who wants to cross over, Biden is opening America to whatever horrible things they bring with them. Crime, drugs, disease, un-American values, gangs like MS-13, all of that is brought here by illegals. Letting that cross over the border freely is, as Rep. Williams describes it, a dereliction of duty on Brandon’s part.

Yet worse, it means that rule of law is being completely ignored. Our laws state that the border must be defended. No one is supposed to cross unless they have permission to do so and come through a port of entry. That is the law. By ignoring it, Brandon is attacking the rule of law itself.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics