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BOOM! ‘Woke’ Rep. Ilhan Omar Suffers HUMILIATING Election Loss in Stunning Rebuke about Policing from Minneapolis Voters

Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minneapolis, one of the wokest and most awful of the members of the reprehensible “Squad”, that collection of leftist ideologues in the House of Representatives.

As such, she tends to support the wokest of woke agenda items, such as defunding or otherwise attacking the police.

Showing that support for such a radical measure, she threw her name behind a Minneapolis-area measure that would remove the police department from the city charter and replace it with an Orwellian-sounding “Department of Public Safety” that would have focused on “public health”.

That measure has been floating around Minneapolis for awhile, with the Star Tribune reporting as far back as 2021 that Omar had thrown her weight behind it, saying:

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison and U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar are backing a Minneapolis ballot measure to replace the city’s Police Department with a public safety agency, putting them at odds with other prominent Democrats who oppose the ballot question.

[…]In her opinion piece, Omar urged a system of public safety “actually rooted in people’s basic human needs.” She criticized the city’s current charter and called for an approach that has a focus on social and mental health workers who would “work alongside officers to give people the help they need and make our communities safer.”

So, Ilhan Omar the radical desperately wanted the anti-police measure to pass and had done her part to try to push it on Minneapolis voters.

Thankfully, she was humiliated, with the vote crashing and burning and 57% of Minneapolis voters choosing to back the blue over Ilhan and her radical plans. Houston Public Media, describing the stakes of the vote and how both sides characterized the anti-police measure, reported that:

Nationally, the vote was seen as a test of the political movement to “defund” traditional policing as it ran up against concerns about rising violent crime.

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The “defund” movement, which called for shrinking police budgets and shifting the money to other social purposes, gained ground in the summer of 2020. A few days after Floyd’s murder, most members of the Minneapolis city council appeared at a “defund” rally.

But as violent crime surged nationally — and in Minneapolis — some of those same local politicians backed away from the idea. In 2021, the “Yes” campaign, supported by national left-of-center groups such as the ACLU and, also distanced itself from the “police defunding” label.

Campaign spokeswoman JaNaé Bates framed the amendment as an “expansion of public safety.” She said the elimination of the traditional department structure — and the requirement for a minimum number of police officers — would give the city more flexibility in how it responds to crime.

“You actually can staff the department the way that meets the needs of the people,” Bates told NPR in October. “We wanted to really be centered and focused on the safety of human beings.”

The “No” campaign — “All of Mpls,” funded partly by local business interests — framed the amendment as a leap in the dark.

“It does not present any sort of plan for what will come after,” says campaign manager Leili Fatehi. “There’s no specificity as to what services [the Department of Public Safety] would provide, what law enforcement would look like, what residents can expect.”

So, fortunately for the Minneapolis-area residents that don’t want to have their communities terrorized by thugs emboldened by Omar and her ilk taking a hammer to policing, the measure failed by a wide margin (57% to 43%).

Still, Minneapolis is facing major crime problems: the city is seeking millions in funding to stop police from quitting as violent crime surges and the city struggles to recover from the damage wrought by the George Floyd riots.

But, with voters resoundingly rejecting Ilhan Omar’s favored anti-police measure, perhaps the city’s police and crime situation will get back on track and politicians will wake up to what voters want rather than what crazy leftists on Twitter want.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

18 thoughts on “BOOM! ‘Woke’ Rep. Ilhan Omar Suffers HUMILIATING Election Loss in Stunning Rebuke about Policing from Minneapolis Voters”

  1. Anti-KlausSchwab

    Liberals are children or child-minded adult-aged idiots, necessarily. No serious adult residing in the real world could be so gullible and easily led down every primrose path the globalist elite assholes call them to follow.

  2. Okay, it was defeated. My question is: what is the end game for the 43% that voted for the amendment?

  3. From the headline, for a moment I thought that Omar was ‘out’! It was a heat-warming taste of ‘good-taste’ for our country. But the 57% majority rebuke by the citizens is still great, especially since it threw the communist, Soros funded Ellison down in the mud with her. It also shows the country that the people of Minnesota can overcome the freaks that have taken over their state; and the rest of us can use that for inspiration!

  4. Isn’t she in violation of the oath of office and the Constitution of the US?
    That should be vert serious crime and punishable by jail time then returned to her country of origin where she can run for their congress?

    1. You are correct. The Democrats would never do anything to these idiots. All of them are the same. Now they allowed 300,000 more idiots into our Country

  5. Another example of our pathetic immigration policy. Flooding America with Third World trash… pour dirty water into clean water, what do you get ?

  6. The 43% who voted for chaos will drag under the 57% who voted sanely. That will happen because too many of the 57% are willfully blind to the nature of the 43%.

  7. Less sensationalizing in the misleading click-bait headline and less editoralizing and stalling before you get to the meet of the story would make this difficult to read article better is in order. If you start presenting better articles I may consider subscribing. As it currently stands I’ll pass.

    Not withstanding, my comment to Omar is, “Awe, someone did something.” Now if they only vote her out of office.

  8. They’ll even reelect this America-hating extremist lunatic. Will she face the music regarding her immigration fraud?

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