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Get Woke Go Broke: Woke Hollywood Is Being Taught a MAJOR LESSON by Furious Consumers

ZeroHedge just ran a very interesting article in which its generic, anonymous author “Tyler Durden”, makes a bold pronouncement about what’s going on in once famed and celebrated Hollywood:

Hollywood is dying, their various partners are dying, and they brought it on themselves.  The entertainment and corporate news industry has long had a cringe inducing leftist bias, but for many years their propaganda and their motivations remained comparatively subtle.  Then, something happened.  Maybe it was the election of Donald Trump, maybe it was a unified decision within corporate culture to take the mask completely off and reveal the true ugliness underneath, or, maybe it was just pure arrogance.  Whatever the cause, Hollywood and all the related appendages of the tinsel town religion suddenly turned openly militant and the zealotry was palpable.  

Indeed. Hence the groomer apologists at Disney pushing gayness on kids in the new Buzz Lightyear film, the weird Pixar commercial about men having periods, and all the other weird and cringe-inducing bits of woke propaganda that the Disney creeps have worked into their movies.

And that’s just one company. Then there’s all the propaganda pushed by the other woke studios. As ZeroHedge’s Tyler Durden put it:

There have been many other moments of exposure since 2016, from the negative reactions to Comicsgate, feminist Ghostbusters, feminist Star Wars, woke Star Trek, woke Dr. Who, woke Batwoman, woke He-Man, woke Lord of the Rings, critical race theory in television, trans, LGBT and CRT propaganda in children’s programming, etc.  It’s becoming endless.  Around 95% of all popular entertainment contains multiple layers of leftist messaging.  The market is utterly saturated with it.

Amazon made Lord of the Rings characters black and gay, which makes no sense in the context of Tolkein’s British, Christian stories. Ghostbusters was turned into a horrific feminist movie. The Marvel movies are for people who eat soy. Every TV show, movie, or short film has an interracial couple of ambiguous gender in it. Unless a movie is made by Mel Gibson, Mark Wahlberg, or another person who has revolted against the Hollywood system, good luck finding one with a Christian theme.

And what’s their goal in doing all that? As ZeroHedge sees it, the same goal Mao, Stalin, and all the other totalitarians had:

This kind of overwhelming propaganda is familiar.  It is a methodology used in communist regimes and authoritarian governments throughout the 20th century including the Soviet Union and Mao’s China, and it almost slipped right under the noses of the majority of Americans and western nations.  The goal is simple:  Make EVERYTHING political.  

And not just in the sense that it makes you want to support Democrats or Republicans. Political in that every little aspect of it, from the spick and span uniforms of the bad guys to the invariably interracial and entirely LGBTQ cast for the good guys, must bend the knee to the current political “meme” of the left, which is that all that is good in the world is the “current thing” in our liberal democracy (no, we’re no longer really a republic; that died years ago) and all that is against liberal democracy is “fascist”. Hence why fighting against gun control is now fascist…it makes no sense to anyone but a liberal Democrat.

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That’s the idea that Hollywood has embraced. And so it’s collapsing, with the “get woke, go broke” lesson holding just as true for Hollywood as every other industry:

The problem is, the public is aware of the agenda and they are looking for the subliminal and not-so-subliminal messages.  They see the narratives and they are getting sick and tired of it.  Thus, the mantra of “Get Woke, Go Broke” was born.  

The more the leftists in media double down on inserting their politics into every single product, the more broke they get.  Case in point, the continuing decline of the largest media entities in the world.  

The streaming giant Netflix is now imploding, with a multitude of failed woke projects, the company is dealing with a recent subscriber loss of 200,000 and a projected subscriber loss of over 2 million by next month.  The company actually began to falter last year, despite covid lockdowns in many states that should have encouraged people to buy into streaming services as a means to deal with boredom.  Beyond that, the Netflix stock price collapsed from almost $700 a share to $190 a share in less than six months.   

[…]Disney is another huge example that Get Woke, Go Broke is becoming a social rule.  The company is rife with leftist cultism to the point that it avidly defended the sexualization of children in public schools.  Disney’s attacks on Florida and its stated goal of disrupting the legally ratified and widely supported Anti-Grooming Bill has revealed the disgusting underbelly of the conglomerate for all to see.  Disney wants your kids to be exposed to sexual discussions and mentally ill teachers looking for psychological validation.  

Disney’s stock price, as a note, has been cut nearly in half in the past year.

And what movie has done well recently? Top Gun 2, which though it had some of the trappings of a movie pushing the liberal democratic agenda, was generally good, and at the very least patriotic in a Reagan sort of way.

Hollywood is getting hammered by American consumers. Turns out, people want to be entertained, not propagandized too by people that they wouldn’t let near their kids.

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