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BOOM: Trump’s Media Company Poised to SMASH Leftsist Dominance of Streaming, Entertainment [REPORT]

If you’re a conservative, there are many, many things frustrating about America’s present situation. The president is obviously a senile fool, America is being humiliated on the world stage, our monetary policy is disastrously bad, the mountain of debt is looking ever more worrisome, and on and on and on.

Those are all real issues, but they’re ones the average person can’t really do much about. Other than not buying treasuries, what can the little guy do to fight back against the Big Government Empire? Not much.

So the little things become worth worrying about, as they’re the way we can strike back. And one such problem with the present is the current entertainment streaming situation. From Netflix to YouTube, Peacock to Disney+, the streaming market seems as woke as a private college in the Northeast, if not woker.

That’s a problem, as 1) no real conservative wants to fund wokeness, and 2) wokeness and good content don’t go hand in hand; in fact, the woker the content the worse it normally is. So, conservatives are left with few entertainment options; one can watch Tucker Carlson, ignore the cheesy Con, Inc. nature of The Daily Wire and watch its content, or RETVRN to tradition and read a book.

Now that’s changing, all thanks to Trump. His media company, with one recent announcement, looks poised to shatter the leftist dominance of streaming and bring about a conservative-focused streaming service, as the Daily Mail discovered and wrote about in a recent report, saying:

Former President Donald Trump’s media company has begun hiring staff for its video streaming platform as it seeks to build a MAGA challenger to mainstream providers such as Netflix, Hulu and Disney+.

In recruitment adverts posted on Wednesday, the Trump Media and Technology Group announced it was seeking a content buyer and a development manager to create programming for its TMTG+ service.

The service is part of Trump’s attempt to build an alternative media ecosystem after being kicked off Facebook and YouTube in the wake of the January 6 violence last year.

That would be huge, and obviously quite profitable for Trump. What has given Fox such a step up is that it’s the one nominally conservative cable channel; whereas the leftists all have to squabble for market share, conservatives all turn on Fox. Trump could now have that situation, if he plays his cards right, but for the vastly more popular streaming market.

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Imagine the profits, and thus better content, that could come if half the country ditched Netflix, Disney+, etc. and switched to Trump’s content instead. It would be amazing.

Further, it would be a major rebuke of the tech giants and dominant streaming platforms, showing them that the average American consumer is sick and tired of their nonsense and ready to start watching entertaining content again rather than having to sift through mounds of leftists drivel just to watch a movie at night.

And, finally, it might be a way for conservatives to find some content that they actually enjoy watching. Here’s how the Daily Mail describes what the service might be:

The advert suggests TMTG+ will offer a wide range of programs – some original and some bought in – much like other existing platforms

‘Trump Media & Technology Group’s streaming video on demand service will be a “Big Tent” platform offering broad-based entertainment rooted in free speech,’ it says. 

‘In addition to the social media platform Truth Social, our SVOD platform TMTG+ will be the home for a wide variety of non-scripted, scripted, and original content.’

So basically a conservative Netflix or Amazon Prime video. What could be better, at least when it comes to entertainment resources?!

Now let’s just hope and pray it’s more successful than CNN+. Avoiding hiring Chris Wallace and those like him, as seems reasonable to expect of Trump, will certainly help it avoid that fate.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.