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BOOM: Trump Savagely ROASTS Biden with Hilarious Video of His Gaffes [WATCH]

At a recent rally in Minden, Nevada, Donald Trump came out with a blazing roast of Joe Biden in a hilarious video mashup.  Watch it below.

Benny Johnson, a conservative columnist and Chief Creative Officer at Turning Point USA, shared the video to his Twitter page captioning it, “Trump ROASTS Joe Biden with brutal WWE-style gaffe reel LIVE at MAGA rally – Crowd’s reaction says it all.”

In the video, Trump energizes the crowd saying, “So we had just a little quick video made up, would you like to see it?” before playing one of the most hilarious clips created in a long time.

From the get-go, the video starts with Biden incoherently stumbling over his words, as per usual, when a wrestling bell dings with an announcer shouting, “Let’s get ready to bumble!”

What a clever play on the famous wrestling phrase, since it seems like Biden is always fighting himself whenever he tries to give a speech.

Throughout the video, some of Biden’s worst gaffes are shown with circus-themed music playing over it, which truly highlights how much of a circus it must be within his administration to coordinate public appearances for this guy.

A lot of the compilation features Joe Biden in interviews and speeches, where in the middle of a sentence, he seemingly short circuits and delivers an absolute word salad of bumbling nonsense.

My favorite example of this is the snippet of Biden saying, “America can be defined in a single word……ASUFUTIMAEHAEHFUTBW.”  That’s quite a word, I sure hope it’s a term of endearment.

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Another hysterical moment was when Biden was in the middle of a speech, and all of the sudden he stares blankly off into space, appearing to completely forget where he is and what he is doing.  Hilariously, the classic Microsoft Windows shutdown sound is edited over the video while he does this!

Some of the other clips show the recurring episode of Biden wandering around aimlessly, waiting for his handlers to come guide him away.

Perhaps the funniest example was at this year’s Easter celebration at the White House where Biden is walking around cluelessly only to have the Easter Bunny start waiving him in the right direction!  Biden has a look of terror on his face when he turns around to find a human-sized rabbit trying to direct him.

At the end of the video clip, the crowd at the rally is ferociously shouting “Joe’s gotta go!”  Everybody with a half a brain cell would agree with that statement, there’s no way senile Joe should be the leader of the free world.

It would be so telling if Biden took the same mental acuity test that Trump aced during his presidency, but it begs the question of who’s really in charge at the White House.

Is it the deep state?  Is it Obama in his basement at Martha’s Vineyard calling the shots?  Who knows, but it sure isn’t Biden.

Regardless, whoever on Trump’s media team edited this masterpiece, deserves a serious promotion and raise!


-Macro Conservative

Featured image is a screenshot from the embedded video.