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BOOM: Suspended Public School Teacher Who Refused Using Preferred Pronouns Wins HUGE Settlement In Court

A Kansas middle school teacher won a massive settlement against her former employer in a case surrounding preferred pronoun use and amidst a larger cultural battle in which radical gender theory continues to creep into modern life.

Teacher Pamela Ricard was awarded $95,000, thanks to the support of the liberty advocacy legal group Alliance Defending Freedom. They rightly defended Ricard’s right to freely exercise her faith and express her own viewpoints after she was suspended for three days last March by using only the student’s enrolled name.

NBC News writes this about the settlement:

Pamela Ricard sued Geary County Schools in March, saying she was reprimanded and suspended for three days last year “for addressing a biologically female student by the student’s legal and enrolled last name.”

A school counselor at Fort Riley Middle School had told Ricard that the student preferred an alternative first name, and a classmate told Ricard that the student preferred he/him pronouns, the lawsuit said. 

Ricard began addressing the student as “miss,” using the student’s last name, to avoid using the student’s preferred first name. Ricard believed addressing the student as “Miss (legal/enrolled last name)” respected the student while also upholding Ricard’s religious convictions, the lawsuit said.

NBC added that at the time the district did not have an official policy on the matter of using preferred pronouns. They quoted the lawsuit, noting the absence of a “formal policy regarding student preferred name and pronoun use at the time Ms. Ricard was suspended” did not preclude them from reprimanding her “under generic school district policies related to bullying by staff.”

In other words, the district was attempting to silence opposition to their groupthink by sanctioning Ms. Ricard under nebulous rules as a catchall for any dissent to their grotesque political narratives. Thankfully, saner minds prevailed in the courtroom.

The presence of preferred pronouns has taken the nation by storm as the ever-expanding alphabetized 2SLGBTQAI+ seeks national prominence over even its communist allies like Black Lives Matter. Disney found company with the intolerant fascists demanding not just acceptance, but celebration, of their mission after Ron DeSantis smacked down schools’ abilities to indoctrinate children in harmful radical gender theory.

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Netflix also found itself at odds with the militant rainbow jihadis after it allowed a Dave Chappelle special to air with a crack at the transgender community. Employee protests made the company look foolish, and they eventually released a memo saying those under their employment could stop the social justice warrior nonsense or leave.

Still, for all of the pervasive social pressure to conform to their perverse ideology, individuals have time and again found victory after standing up their aggressive

A Shawnee State University professor refused to kowtow to the woke mob and use a student’s preferred pronouns. He was disciplined by the university and launched a massive counteract in court. He eventually won a huge settlement, collecting more than $400,000. There is both truth and momentum on the side of conservatives, if they have the courage to stand up to the woke mob.

Hailey Sanibel fiercely loves freedom. She equally detests evil and stupidity, both of which are out of control in the modern world. She is a regular contributor at The Blue State Conservative.

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