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BOOM: Ron DeSantis SILENCES Journalist Trying To Politicize His Response To Hurricane Ian [WATCH]

Ron DeSantis is the presumed Republican frontrunner presidential candidate in 2024 if Donald Trump decides not to run. This idea terrifies Democrats and their corporate media allies, who view DeSantis as a more polished version of the former president and who has unrivaled conservative bonafides from his time navigating the pandemic by placing freedom in all of his decision making.

So, with the slimy media toadies doing the bidding of their Democrat buddies whenever they get the chance, they will even use catastrophic hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico to try painting their opponent in a bad light. They should know better by now, though, because DeSantis isn’t like every other spineless Republican. He punches back.

Watch as Ron stops a journalist cold in his tracks, cutting him off mid-question, to deliver a knock-out response:

This was awesome. The reporter can barely get out the comment thaty FEMA is worried about Florida’s response – implying DeSantis’ response to ding him politically – beforethe Florida governor goes for the jugular.

Oh, give me a break. That is nonsense. Stop politicizing. Okay, stop it. We declared a state of emergency when this thing wasn’t even formed. We’ve had people in here you’ve had counties doing. They’ve done a lot of hard work. And honestly, you’re trying to attack me I get but like you’re attacking these other people who’ve worked very hard. And so so that’s just totally false. I don’t think we’ve ever certainly since I’ve been governor declared a state emergency this early.

We made sure that we were very inclusive with it. We said that there was a lot of uncertainty and we’ve worked to make sure the preparations that have been done and all the stuff you talk to the people at the counties when they’ve needed something stuff gets there very quickly because of what Kevin and his team have done.

Like all disasters, DeSantis and Flrodia have been prepared from the beginning. Does anyone really think the state of Florida, location to almost annual hurricane landings, does not have a plan in place? The thought is asinine. Moreover, it;’s simply untrue that nothing has been figured out.

Appearing on Hannity’s late Tuesday evening program, DeSantis reiterated the importance of safety and even shared how residents can find hotels around the state to avoid the worst of the storm.

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We have a saying down here in Florida that you hide from the wind, but you can’t run from the water. And I think in situations like this, even a category four storm, we have great building codes. A lot of our structures in Florida can withstand that and most people’s homes, maybe not a mobile home but most people’s homes can do. The problem with this storm is that it is going to generate a massive amount of water and a surge and there’s really no way that you can counteract that if you are someone in the barrier island and even if you are in a nice sturdy home. 

If you get 10 feet of storm surge, you know that is potentially going to put your life in jeopardy. What we have said is you don’t get a mulligan on this. You can always go back when the storm passes. And get back in your home. We obviously want you to do that. But this is really, really significant and yes, there are shelters in all of these counties. We also have a deal with the state of Florida and Expedia. 

People can go to and there are hotels that are offering deals in other parts of the state of Florida. One thing we have been pointing out when you’re called to evacuate, it does not mean you need to leave the entire state. It does not mean you need to go hundreds of miles. In a situation like this, where we are concerned about the water, anywhere that is higher ground in a sturdy structure, you know, you are going to be able to ride it out in that. Where we are concerned about is these low-lying areas to places that are very prone to storm surge and to flooding.

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