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BOOM: Rand Paul Scores MASSIVE Victory in Kentucky

Will Americans get to have Rand Paul, one of the few men willing to stand up to the globalist uniparty, in the Senate again?

Yes! Kentucky voters rejected the globalists, rejected the RINOs, and stuck with Rand Paul in the GOP primary, meaning that he’ll be the Senator for ruby red Kentucky.

Senator Paul, in the primary, defeated Republicans Arnold Blankenship, Val Fredrick, Paul Hamilton, Tami Steinfield, and John Schiess by a massive margin, bringing in a whopping ~86% of the vote while his opponents hovered in the 3-4% range. It was a massive primary victory for the senator.

Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, a diversity hire won, so Paul should be able to mop the floor with him in November. Both wins were trotted out on Twitter, with his oppponent’s diversity credentials coming up almost immediately:

OK the AP just called the GOP primary for Sen. Rand Paul. His reelection campaign will roll on to November, as expected. #KYSen

The AP just called the Democratic primary for Sen. Rand Paul’s seat for Charles Booker, the frontrunner in that race. He makes history as the first Black person the Democratic Party has nominated for a statewide office in Kentucky. #KYSen

Good for him for winning, but people don’t bring up diversity credentials unless that’s the one thing that someone has going for them. Given that it’s the one credential of his that was trotted out, it sure looks like Booker is a diversity pick that’ll do about as well as diversity hires (such as the new White House press secretary) typically do.

In any case, Paul’s message throughout the campaign was one of limited government and curbed spending, a message that must have resonated with voters giving the massive share of the GOP vote that he brought in. Speaking on that platform and why it’s a winner, Paul said:

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I think most people instinctively know that nothing really in life is free. You’re going to have to pay for it with hard work. Right now we’re paying for it through inflation and it could get much worse.

“People come from government and they say, we will give you checks. Here’s $1,400, here’s a check. You know we’re going to take care of you. But what they don’t tell you is the penalty for that or the price for that is inflation.”

He echoed a similar message in his statement on the win, saying:

Kentucky, I want to thank you for voting for me to be your Republican nominee for U.S. Senate. I’m honored to serve and honored to have your vote. One more election will happen this fall, and I hope I can count on your vote again.

“As I do most weeks, I’m here in DC battling the socialists and petty tyrants. Kentucky and all of America deserve better than the massive spending, runaway debt and crippling inflation that Biden, Pelosi and Schumer are giving us. I’m working every day to fight back, and I hope you’ll continue to support me and vote them out this fall.