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BOOM: Radical Rep AOC Handed Hugely Important Court Defeat in New York Supreme Court

Things aren’t looking great for AOC, America’s most radical representative. Why? Because she was just booted from the progressive Working Families Party (WFP) ballot line by a judge from the New York Supreme Court.

And why would that be important? Because that ballot line is an important way for her to drive politics, particularly the primaries, left.  Fox News reported on the situation and explained what the Working Families Party is and why it, and thus AOC’s loss in the court, saying:

The Working Families Party is an independent political party that cross-endorses progressive candidates through New York’s fusion voting system — which allows endorsement across ballot lines — to press Democrats to the left and extract concessions without being dismissed by voters as a spoiler.

Continuing its report on the subject and why AOC lost the dispute, Fox adds that:

Under fusion voting, multiple political parties can list the same candidate, pooling the votes for that candidate. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo had lowered the number of signatures needed to qualify for the primary ballot to 15. Ocasio-Cortez submitted 14 signatures, but one was thrown out because the voter was a registered Democrat.

In other words, being on the “Working Families Party” ballot line would enable AOC to draw votes from voters so far to the left that they’re not even registered as Democrats.

Thus, rather than having to appeal to voters from her nominal party, the Democratic party, she could instead appeal to the most radical Democrats and voters like those in the Working Families Party.

That, in turn, is what enables her to push things to the left, as she doesn’t have to moderate her message at all but can instead court the most radical, most motivated people and voters.

Given that AOC is facing a serious run for her money in this primary, that could pose a major problem for her. She and her far-left views already aren’t overly popular with the average Democrat, even in New York City, so her popularity is falling and she’ll need voters like those who join groups like the Working Families Party to succeed, as they’re the sort of radicals that identify with her message.

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Without them, she faces the challenge of needing to appeal both to her base and the moderates who make up the balance of the party, looking tough on the right and as socialist as ever but in a way that doesn’t infuriate the average person. That’s a tough line to strike, particularly for someone of her capabilities (or lack thereof).

And those socialist policies of hers are unpopular. AOC’s Democratic opponent, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, sounded off on AOC and her radical policies recently, telling the New York Daily News  that “AOC has hurt working people of the Bronx and Queens with her votes and creates disunity within our party.

Continuing, Cabrera said “No wonder why pro-union forces don’t want her, and neither do our neighborhoods.

That discontent with AOC is real. We’ll see how it impacts her in the primary, particularly given the ballot line loss.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.