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BOOM: “My Son Hunter” Movie Stuns Critics With Incredibly Good Reviews

If you haven’t seen “My Son Hunter,” the incredible film about the life of Hunter Biden, you really need to. The way the film shows the truth about his life (the truth that Biden, the mainstream media, and all those social media censors did their best to stop you from learning before the 2020 election) is simply excellent, and the content of certain scenes is just great.

Plus, the way they perfectly capture Hunter’s greasy grossness, from the slicked back hair to the crack pipes and hookers, is just perfect. It’s all there and it all makes Hunter look really, really bad. And it makes Biden look bad for raising a son like that, particularly when compared against Trump’s kids.

On that note, just go ahead and watch the trailer here if you want a good laugh and a reminder of what family is in charge of our country right now:

And so “My Son Hunter” has won an overwhelmingly positive response from the general public, with regular people leaving hugely positive reviews of it on Rotten Tomatoes. Breitbart, reporting on that, said:

My Son Hunter has hit a 90 percent positive audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, signaling an overwhelmingly positive response from audiences even as left-wing film critics continue to trash the movie.

Rotten Tomatoes said My Son Hunter has received an average audience score of 4.4 stars out of 5 from more than 250 audience reviews so far. The reaction has surpassed those of many current studio releases, including Disney’s direct-to-streaming Pinocchio, starring Tom Hanks, which has an audience score of 33 percent (2.3 out of five average rating); and Thor: Love and Thunder, which has an audience score of 77 percent (four out five).

Matt Gaetz’s glowing Twitter review perhaps best summarized how many felt about it. He, commenting on the film, said:

I’ve watched. Wow. This is a MUST SEE. Moreover, I kept thinking while watching – why don’t we do this more on the right? Actually engage in the political battle by making appealing, gripping art! The left does it so well and Breitbart nails it with this project!

That stands in contrast to the reviews of the movie from film critics, who mostly disliked it. As we reported here on The Independent’s review of My Son Hunter, for example:

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One of Britain’s many left-leaning newspapers, The Independent, just put out a review of the new movie, “My Son Hunter”. Predictably, the lefties at that paper hated the movie, one which they referred to as a “bald-faced work of conservative agitprop.” 

[…]However, though the leftie journalist, Louis Chilton, professed to think it was “agitprop,” it turns out that he did learn some things about the Biden family and what it’s been up to over the past few years.

Of course, that’s buried deep within the article…Mr. Chilton saved it for the 7th  paragraph of his review, but even he admits that he learns some things about Brandon.

But even Chilton got something out of the movie, writing: “No matter how laughable My Son Hunter is, there is at least a soupçon of reality to it. Several times, the film had me rushing to Google, where I discovered that this or that piece of unflattering Biden trivia was in fact rooted in truth.”

And so there’s a divergence in reviews between normal people and MSM movie reviews once again, with the general public liking a film that the reviewer hated. Such has become the general case on Rotten Tomatoes, with the reviewers generally giving good scores to woke films that the general public hates and the general public enjoying movies that the average person can’t stand.

By: Gen Z Conservative

Hunter image By Center for Strategic & International Studies – Panel 3: Our Shared Opportunity: A Vision for Global Prosperity, CC BY 3.0,