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BOOM: Kanye West Has This to Say About “America First”, Takes Major Step to Protect American Industry [WATCH]

Kanye West, the world-renowned rapper turned cultural lightning-rod, joined CNBC to discuss the termination of his clothing deal with GAP.

Donning a khaki ball cap and sunglasses that look about as reflective as a driver’s side mirror, Yeezus, as Kanye has referred to himself in the past, discussed his reasoning behind pulling out of the agreement.

Kanye attempted to team up with GAP to create a $20 clothing line that matches the designs of high-end clothing “for the people.”

It comes as no surprise that a massive clothing empire like GAP would need to make some concessions to quality if they are to meet that kind of price point.

After 3 years of teamwork and design meetings, the two sides made plans for an entire collection that meets Kanye’s standards for visual appeal and price range.

After that, Kanye claims that GAP reneged on the low price and began listing his clothing line at $200, ten times pricier than the goals that Ye set when he entered this deal.

West also claims that GAP stole a shirt design from him and, without his consent, began pricing that design at $19. This appears to have come across as a slight to the legendary music producer.

When Kanye tried to communicate with the leader of the GAP he felt like he “was on mute” as the higher-ups at the clothing giant continued to ignore the contract that they had signed with West.

Kanye West is also mad about the production chain that the GAP is using to meet the demand that this collaboration has created, and rightfully so.

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In the original plans, West believed that clothes would be made in America to help with the large unemployment issues that the country is facing.

West’s disillusionment began when it became clear that his America First vision for producing the clothes was not being prioritized by the GAP.

“They have a lot of commitments to China,” Kanye explained. “We wanted to do localized manufacturing which is completely possible with some of the factories I’m buying here in California. We can actually bring industry back to America.”

For the last few years, Kanye West has not been scared to be vocal about his desire for more America First policies, both in the corporate world and in the federal government.

As part of his platform for his 2020 presidential run (yes, Kanye West served a brief stint as a presidential candidate) Kanye had the following to say about putting America first.

“Ensure that we always place Americans’ best interest first and foremost in dealing with foreign affairs,” West’s platform states.

He continues, “We want fair trade, not one-sided deals that hurt American workers.”

West caught fire when he sided with Donald Trump over foreign policy, even going as far as to share photographs of himself wearing a Make America Great Again hat to show his support for the Trump administration.

It is a pleasant surprise to yet again see Kanye West standing up for American jobs in front of a national audience.

By: Goose