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BOOM: Elon Musk Faces Massive BACKLASH After Suggesting Gas-Powered Vehicles Are Becoming Obsolete

Smart conservative money has always hedged on Elon Musk. Sure, he did one cool thing by exposing Twitter as a massive bot-field, Deep State-abetting entity, and that’s no small thing, but he’s also the guy that is developing brain chip technology and owns one of the biggest EV brands on the planet.

If I had to choose between Twitter and brain implants/forced transition to “green” energy, what do you think I’d say is a larger problem for society? Banning a sitting president will look like child’s play compared to the imminent freedom-crushing climate agenda being implemented by globalists.

Recently, then, Musk came under fire from patriots for tweeting out a statement suggesting gas-powered vehicles would soon be going the way of the steam engine. It rightfully got him lit up. Here’s the initial tweet:

Won’t be long before we view gasoline cars the same way we view steam engines today

The best response to this was also one of the shortest: “No one had to ban steam engines to make it happen.”

Doesn’t that pretty much sum up this entire conversation? If electric vehicles were so good and so appealing, then they wouldn’t need massive government subsidies and they wouldn’t need to be forced upon us. The market would act accordingly.

Instead, globalist elites are using the climate agenda to pretend to care about humanity all while using their platform to strip humanity of rights and liberties.

Now, a few Twitter users thought Musk was playing 4-D chess with some cryptic message, but let’s not give him too much credit. On its face, this idea that gasoline cars and steam engines are on the same plane is absurd.

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Above all else, the argument for gas cars is rooted wholly in the idea of freedom and individual sovereignty. Gas cars enabled people to escape cities and live independently. They could live where they wanted, work where they wanted, move when they wanted, and do so in a manner that was affordable, efficient, and on no one else’s timetable. Prior to the advent of cell phones, tracking was minimal too. Cars are the symbol of American freedom.

A few Twitter users perfectly summed up the battle against Musk. In addition to the argument against choice and freedom, it remains that the concept of “clean” energy is simply unobtainable. For an EV car work, it needs batteries constricted from environment-0damging mining operations and then needs to be charged by fossil fuels. Nothing about this concept makes practical sense.

Until I can charge an electric car in 2 minutes and not be tied to manufacturers’ software control it’s gonna be a hard pass. You’re building the infrastructure of massive population control.

“Electronic vehicles are a disaster for the energy grid, a disaster for the environment, and a disaster for your personal autonomy.”

Hailey Sanibel fiercely loves freedom. She equally detests evil and stupidity, both of which are out of control in the modern world. She is a regular contributor at The Blue State Conservative.

Featured image: “Elon Musk Dreaming of a Brighter Future” by jurvetson is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

This story syndicated with permission from The Blue State Conservative