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BOOM: DeSantis Blasts Brandon for Lack of Pre-Hurricane Support, “No Time for Pettiness” [WATCH]

NOTE: Governor DeSantis has since announced that he spoke with President Biden

Governor DeSantis of Florida is furious with President Biden yet again. This time, however, it has nothing to do with wokeness or the craziness of the far left,

Those comments came as Florida girded itself for Hurricane Ian and prepared to deal with the torrential downpour of rain and whipping winds, with DeSantis focusing on the threat posed to his state by the hurricane barreled toward it and President Biden didn’t call.

Speaking on Biden’s lack of calling to offer support for Floridians in need and contrasting that with the excellent job so far done by FEMA, DeSantis said:

“So I have not personally spoken with the president, but FEMA has approved our pre-landfall request.

“We feel like we have a good relationship with FEMA. You know, I’m happy to brief the president if he’s interested in hearing what we’re doing in Florida, you know, my view on all this is like you got people’s lives at stake, you got their property at stake, and we don’t have time for pettiness. We got to work together to make sure we’re doing the best job for them.

“So, my phone — my phone line is open. But we are — we do appreciate the quick approval of the pre-landfall declaration.

Watch DeSantis rip into Biden here:

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Meanwhile, Karine Jean-Pierre and FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell attempted to bat away the issue when asked a question about it at the White House Press Briefing.

The reporter, pressing why Biden hadn’t called DeSantis regarding this natural disaster but has called others regarding other natural disasters, saying:

“In the past … President Biden, excuse me, has made calls to governors in situations of natural disasters. Kay Ivey in Alabama or Asa Hutchinson in Arkansas or the governor of Texas.

“Is there any, can you articulate I guess, how those determinations are made and why, why it hasn’t been made in this case to have the president call the governor?

Karine Jean-Pierre didn’t respond to the question and Criswell, whose agency DeSantis had thanked in his speech, tried to dodge on the issue, saying:

Yeah, the president is very focused on making sure that the federal family has the right resources available to support this.

“That is why I contacted the governor right away. And we have a team of my senior leadership that are embedded with the governor to make sure that we’re supporting that.”

“Our focus today is making sure that we have the right measures in place to support the life saving activities that need to happen.

“Any conversations afterwards, will need to be, we need to see what the damages are.

While Criswell has a point that the storm is what really needs focusing on, the problem is that, in the past, those conversations came beforehand too. Yet Biden didn’t call DeSantis, with the “why?” seeming obvious: DeSantis is the political opposition. But, at least FEMA has helped out DeSantis and the people of Florida as they attempt to deal with the damage dealt by Hurricane Ian.

By: Gen Z Conservative