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BOOM: Conservative Actor Tim Allen Goes Viral for Hilarious Biden Joke

Actor Tim Allen tweeted a mild, but hilarious message poking fun at Joe Biden’s recent interview on CBS’ 60 Minutes.

Tim Allen tweeted, “Biden was on 60 minutes.  I heard he asked how long the show was.”

See the tweet here.

This is hilarious but also too real at the same time.

Every time Biden makes a public appearance he is barely coherent and it’s worthy of applause if our president can string together two sentences that make sense.

His handlers must be compensated well to have to prop him up during these public appearances when he’s not spending most of the month on “vacation”.

The two sentence tweet is a dad joke at the worst, but has been enough to cause an uproar from liberals on twitter.

Let’s contrast that with the abhorrent statements that are allowed to be made toward Donald Trump. 

Kathy Griffin literally posed in a photograph depicting her holding the decapitated head of Trump.

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Madonna claimed she wanted to blow up the white house a few years ago as well. 

That apparently is fine as long as it is directed towards republicans.

However, the second these people are exposed to something not congruent with their “safe space” they started crying and demand cancellation.

Countless liberals, who apparently have enough time in their day to lambast mild jokes on twitter, attacked the tweet in waves of triggered criticism.

Despite the liberal outrage there definitely were many conservatives that came out in Allen’s defense.

Tim Allen is one of the few Hollywood actors who is known as a conservative, while the nearly all of the others succumb to the woke ideology of the entertainment industry.

Allen is known to have supported Donald Trump which is extremely brave for an actor in this day and age.

This is presumably why Tim Allen was dropped from voicing his character Buzz Lightyear in the recent Disney Movie Lightyear, which was a major flop in the box office this year.

They instead opted for woke liberal Chris Evans to voice the character who was in full support of their radical programming such as including an intimate homosexual scene in the movie.

And they wonder why the movie did so horribly, they are too out of touch with every day Americans who don’t want their children to be exposed to obscene leftist hyper-sexualization. 

Wouldn’t it be great if the small club of conservative Hollywood figures were able to voice their opinions like this openly without being blackballed from being hired for future roles.

Conservatives need to abstain from the current entertainment machine and turn to alternative forms of media that actually embrace their values.

This is exactly what the Daily Wire is doing.  They have started producing their own movies with conservative actors, such as Gina Carano who was dropped from Disney’s show, The Mandalorian, for her conservative views.

The Daily Wire is also producing children’s programming which will be an excellent alternative to the indoctrination that Disney is trying to impose in their new movies and shows.

More conservative media outlets should follow in their footsteps.

-Macro Conservative