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BOOM: Clinton Campaign Turncoat Testifies, EXPOSES Hillary For HUGE 2016 Russia Lie

Well, one of Clinton’s campaign members, her former campaign manager, just went rogue and decided to testify against her, informing the world of what it’s long suspected: Hillary was in on the Russia hoax plan and approved the Alpha Bank hoax leak to reporters. Here’s what CBS News reported on that:

Robby Mook, the former campaign manager for Hillary Clinton, testified on Friday that the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee agreed to provide information about a link between her opponent Donald Trump and Russian Alfa Bank to a reporter, despite the fact that her campaign was not certain about the truth of the allegations. 

During cross examination, Mook said the campaign was not fully confident in the Alfa Bank allegations and wanted to give them to a reporter so the reporter could “run it down further” and verify it. 

Slate first published a story suggesting Alfa Bank, a Moscow-based financial institution, had a server that was “irregularly pinging” a server registered to the New York-based Trump Organization. The FBI investigated, and a report by the Justice Department inspector general said it concluded that there were no links between Alfa Bank and Trump.

But when was “the truth” ever something that got in the way of someone like Hillary? Never! So they rolled with the story and handed the info to reporters, info that Sussmann (a Clinton campaign-affiliated lawyer) and a mysterious tech executive were involved in fabricating, at least according to Durham’s report and charges, as was reported on here and elsewhere back in January. As I noted at the time

 the techie bugged Trump’s offices and then handed the data from the bugs to the CIA, a process Sussmann was involved in. The laundered data was meant to further the allegation that Trump was working with the Russians. That information can all be found in documents filed by Durham. According to TechnoFog:

Joffe and his associates manipulated this information to further a conspiracy theory that Trump and those in Trump’s orbit were continuing their secret backchannels with the Russians. This was repackaged with the Alfa Bank hoax and given to Sussmann, who then laundered it to the CIA on February 9, 2017. Sussmann alleged to the CIA that the data showed “that Trump and/or his associates were using supposedly rare, Russian-made wireless phones in the vicinity of the White House and other locations.” Durham “identified no support for these allegations.”

Mook, describing Hillary’s involvement during the Sussmann trial, the trial in which he is testifying about Hillary’s involvement, said “We discussed it with Hillary.” He then added that “she agreed with the decision.

YahooNews, emphasizing the importance of that revelation and the situation surrounding it, reports that:

Mook’s testimony for the first time puts Clinton in the middle of a leak to the news media that ultimately blew up in the campaign’s face. The FBI quickly determined that the purported connection between the Russian bank and the Trump Organization was implausible, and Michael Sussmann, Elias’s then law partner who brought the claims to the FBI, has since been indicted by Justice Department special counsel John Durham on charges he lied to the bureau’s general counsel to hide his connection to the Clinton campaign.

The account from Mook came on the fourth day of the trial of Sussmann, a cyber and national security law expert who worked at Perkins Coie in 2016. The closely watched case is widely seen as a major test for Durham, the longtime U.S. attorney in Connecticut who had been initially appointed by Trump’s attorney general, William Barr, to investigate alleged wrongdoing by the FBI and other federal agencies in the course of their investigation into alleged Trump-Russia ties.

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So, Team Clinton made stuff up about Trump and Russia, handed it to the FBI, and then Hillary approved handing the false, ant-Trump info to reporters to smear her opponent, something that plunged the US into years of unnecessary anti-Russia fever.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr