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BOOM: Blue City Crushed by Bad News as “Miami Miracle” Makes DeSantis’ Florida Look Better than Ever

What’s the difference between blue areas and red ones? Blue areas tend to be crime-ridden cesspools and hellholes overtaken by all the dregs of society, blue-haired teachers trying to trans the kids, and lefties with no sense of tradition, whereas red areas are generally successful and remind you of what America is supposed to be.

Such is what was exposed on Tucker Carlson’s program when the Republican mayor of Miami appeared and discussed how Miami has succeeded whereas Washington has failed miserably, saying:

“Well, I’m going to blow your mind away. We actually increased funding for police, so we have the most police officers we’ve ever had in our history. We’ve also lowered taxes to the lowest level in recorded history, which has prompted tremendous growth, we grew 12 percent, I think it’s the second-most in recorded history as well. We have a 1.4 percent unemployment. We are the happiest city in America and the healthiest city in America.

“So it turns out, if people are healthy, they’re happy, they’re working, they’re not paying a lot of taxes and they see an increased police presence, they don’t have a tendency to commit murder. That’s what’s been the Miami miracle story, which is a huge contrast to the Washington nightmare story that you have articulated tonight and over the last few weeks.”

Turns out, what you need for people to live well is policies that encourage them to live well…happy, healthy, productive people have a good bit more going for them than those drug-addicted, crime-committing losers that amble around blue cities collecting unemployment and committing crimes. As the “Miami miracle story” shows, conservative values always come out on top.

And speaking of the sort of nonsense pushed by the leftists, another excellent moment on Tucker’s program came when he slammed the feds for targeting an Amish farmer for selling his goods without going along with all the federal regulations, saying:

So, maybe they’re against anything that’s wholesome and edifying and that makes you stronger and healthier, and are in favor of anything that diminishes you and makes you more dependent? I’m just sensing a theme here.”

Then, making a hilarious joke about the feds wanting the farmer to insert chemicals in the milk to turn kids trans, Tucker said “Maybe if he promises to put more chemicals in the milk that turn kids trans, they’ll lay off.

And, on a note that will strike a chord with many conservatives, Tucker noted that while we support law enforcement, we shouldn’t support those tyrants raiding simple farmers, saying “We’re for law enforcement, broadly speaking, but there is such a thing as conscience. And they should not have gone along with this. When they tell you to raid an organic Amish farm, that’s when you bow out.

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Watch Tucker discuss that here:

The right has largely moved on from the “deregulation” talking point and started to focus on cultural matters. Though generally good, that can’t cause us to miss the point that communities generally succeed when left alone and fail when the government gets involved.

Whether the case of the Amish farmer being attacked by Big Government or of the Miami Miracle being directly contrasted with the Washington nightmare, it’s something we need to remember and recognize.