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BOOM: Bill Maher Destroys the Intolerant Left, “There’s a Word for People Like This…..A**holes”

Comedian and talk show host, Bill Maher, recently came out and absolutely destroyed the woke, intolerant left for their attitudes toward conservatives.

 The Real Time host claimed he had recently organized a dinner party with a group of his friends, where one of the invitees declined the offer for the most absurd reason.

According the Maher, the individual had refused the dinner invitation after learning one of the other guests had voted for Donald Trump.

The unnamed guest stated that they did not want to “breathe the same air” as someone who voted for Trump.

Bill Maher offered an amazing and accurate rebuttal to this statement saying, “Okay, there’s a word for people like this….a**holes.” 

Finally, a mainstream voice addressing crazy liberals for what they really are.

It is important to point out that Maher is one-hundred and ten percent a democrat and by no means supports Trump at all, but stood up to defend a Trump supporter here.  

Bill Maher’s show, Real Time, has been a consistent platform that will provide opinions from both sides of the aisle, instead of being a mouthpiece for the liberal establishment like so many news outlets.

For example, the show had a debate on Critical Race Theory featuring conservative commentator Ben Shapiro and liberal activist Malcom Nance.

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Despite the fact that he identifies as a democrat, Maher has made it very clear he despises the woke left that has infiltrated the democratic party like a parasite, by dishing out consistent criticism to the radical left.

For example, the famous clip of Bill Maher roasting CNN, joking that they had no journalistic standards.  Watch it below.

Now admittedly, many republicans might say they would have a difficult time sharing dinner with a leftist, Biden supporter but there are obvious reasons why that might be the case.

Democrats have been demonizing Trump supporters ever since the 2016 election, but it has definitely ramped up as of recently.

Biden literally has called Trump supporters threats to our democracy and Kamala Harris compared republican voters to the 9/11 terrorists who brought down the World Trade Center.

If you decided to wear a MAGA hat in any major urban area, you would be putting yourself at serious risk and it stems from the very attitudes our president and vice president espouse.

One of Maher’s main criticisms that he directs to both parties, is the political tribalism that has created the division exemplified in his dinner party scenario.

It is true that there exists political tribalism from both republicans and democrats that is making it impossible for American citizens to see eye to eye, however, there is one side that seemingly dominates culture and has more effect with their stigmatization.

The influence of liberal ideology extends way beyond the executive branch, to the institutions that make up our country.

Corporations, universities, federal bureaucratic institutions, and Hollywood are a few examples.

These powerful institutions propagate divisive ideas toward republicans, especially Trump supporters, ultimately creating cancel culture.

Conservative actors must hide their opinions or they risk getting blackballed from industry.

Employees at woke corporations can’t voice their opinions without fearing for their jobs, while the company openly funds and endorses liberal causes. 

Students at practically any college in the country feel they can’t share conservative ideas because they will be academically punished or socially stigmatized.

So while there may be bipartisan tribalism that is dividing our dinner tables, it is being culturally wielded much more aggressively by liberals.


Note:  This article contains commentary reflecting the opinions of the author.

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