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BOOM: Biden Now Faces “Disaster” With These Two Important Demographics [REPORT]

If there’s one thing the left has screeched year after year, at least until the “men can get pregnant” and “black lives matter” slogans dominated everything else, it’s that “demographics is destiny.”

To the DNC, a rapidly “diversifying” America was a good thing because all those minorities tend to vote Democrat at a much higher rate than whites.

So, when the liberal Karens and their whipped husbands vote left and pretty much all of the Hispanics, blacks, and Asians do as well, Democrats are in a good spot from an electoral standpoint.

But then things started to change, with Trump finally being the strong sort of Republican whose personality is appealing to people other than the bookish nerds that are really into tax policy or other issues that used to motivate the right, with Trump’s leaning into the culture war starting an exodus from the left for some demographics, most particularly Hispanics.

And now that slow trickle of defections has turned into a flood, with Hispanics fleeing the Democrats in massive numbers and signing up with the right as the Democrats go crazier and crazier, particularly on issues of race, gender, and sexuality.

That trend came to the fore when Maya Flores, a Republican, dominated in a South Texas election, sweeping the Hispanic vote and showing Democrats they had a major, major problem with that rapidly growing demographic.

But that’s just an anecdote, an election that could have been impacted by any number of outside factors. Is there hard data showing Hispanics have ditched the Dems? Yes, and it comes from an unlikely source: the New York Times.

According to a recent poll that it conducted,  only 41 percent of Hispanics said they intended to vote for Democrats in the upcoming midterms, while 38 percent said they preferred GOP candidates. So the GOP isn’t quite winning, but the demographic has started to flock to the GOP, giving the Democrats only a slight majority with the group, a major win for Republicans and something that could spell doom for Democrats if the trend continues.

Given how crazy Democrats have gotten on cultural issues of the sort that infuriate Catholics, there’s no reason to expect the trend to be stopped or reversed in a major way, so that’s good news for the GOP.

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But what might be even worse demographic news for Biden comes from the same poll and has to do with a different group: young people.

According to the same poll, among young voters, a demographic aged 18 to 29, a staggering 94 percent said they want to see President Biden go.

Now, that result isn’t great long-term news for Republicans, as many of those young people are mad with Biden because they think he hasn’t done enough to protect abortion access or fight against climate change.

But, in the short term, it looks like great news because Biden obviously intends on running again in 2024, assuming he makes it that far.

If he does, then the complete lack of enthusiasm for him from young voters could very well make a GOP victory even easier.

It’s not all smooth sailing for the GOP, which is still underwater with Hispanics and not all that popular with young voters. But the Democrats have large, potentially larger, demographic issues of their own to deal with as groups that used to be overwhelmingly pro-Democrat gradually sour on them as Biden’s presidency gets worse and worse.

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