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Meme of the Day: Keep Your Blue State Trash Back Home

One of my favorite lines I heard growing up was “What’s the difference between a Yankee and a damn Yankee? A Yankee just moves here; a damn Yankee tells us how he did it back home.” My mom, a Yankee that grew up in Delaware, was never particularly amused. I thought it was hilarious.

And it’s funny because, despite the disappearance of many differences between Yankees and Southerners a century and a half after the War of Northern Aggression, we all know the meaning behind the saying, and it could be applied to people moving anywhere from anywhere. The intent could probably be summarized as this: “You moved here for a reason; here is better than where ya came from. You adopt our customs and shut up about ours.”

While I’m sure some blue hair in a university would have lots more to say, I think that’s probably good enough. We all get it and could apply it to any situation, from the macro to the micro.

Immigrants show up and then start blathering on about Italy, Mexico, or wherever? Tell them to shut up or pack up; there’s a reason they’re here and not there.

Your mother-in-law just moved into your house in Florida and keeps droning on and on about how much better New Jersey or some other hellhole is? Remind her that it’s your house and the retirement home is probably even less like her beloved frozen wasteland.

But, worst of any group you could come up with are the blue state refugees that flee their socialist hellholes and then start immediately advocating for the same policies that turned their states into the worst places in the unions.

These are the New Yorkers that keep going on and on about all the benefits afforded the state by raising tax rates despite having fled those tax rates themselves. They’re the San Francisco liberals that show up in Austin and then start advocating in favor of the homeless, the same sort of drifters and detritus that turned a once-beautiful city into a steaming pile of excrement and heroin needles. They’re the LA refugees that show up in Atlanta, Houston, or Charlotte and then start agitating for the same soft on crime and pro-welfare policies that destroyed LA.

In each case, it should be obvious to them that those policies are what they’re fleeing from. They’re trying to escape the taxes, the crime, the drug and insanity-induced rampages of the homeless. Yet, once they get to a stable, well-run red state, they can’t help but do their best to tear it down and replace what is working with what obviously failed. What they do is both contemptible and incomprehensibly stupid.

So, here’s my message to those fools, and I hope it’s one all of you can get behind and share on social media: IF YOU ARE FLEEING BLUE STATES FOR RED STATES, DON’T BRING YOUR BLUE STATE POLICIES WITH YOU! 

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We don’t want them, we don’t need them, and we’ll damn sure hate you if you keep shilling for them. America has effectively split into two different countries and we intend on keeping our country functional.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.